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Happy Mother's Day

Today, I celebrate my fourth Mother's Day and all I think about is how blessed I am to be a mom.  I have been reading several blogs of ladies who are trying to have kids and haven't had any success or found out that they couldn't.  It makes me appreciative of motherhood that much more.  Also, knowing my husband's story and his foster care situation makes me appreciate my mom so much more as well.

So, Mother's Day is certainly about more than the gifts and the cards for me.  And hopefully this Mother's Day has served as a reminder of what we have to be thankful for.

Happy Mother's Day! 


  1. Very nice post!


  2. Yes, Mother's Day is so much more than gifts and cards (although we love the gifts and cards and appreciation... lol). But it's also about realizing just how BLESSED we are to be someone's Mother, to be able to guide someone through life. It's a calling and a charge and we need not take it lightly. So glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day. xoxo

  3. @LV-Thanks

    @Alicia-Yes, we truly are blessed.

  4. wow! it's the first time i visit your blog, and i really like it!