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What A Weekend!

What a weekend we've had. Friday I got hit by an elderly driver and ended up in preterm labor.  My contractions started out being 20 minutes apart to being 2 to 4 minutes apart!!  I was really freaking out because I wasn't sure if JJ's lungs and heart and other organs would be developed enough for him to be ok being delivered this early if they couldn't get the contractions stopped.

This was like my pregnancy nightmare come true!!  I received some steroids and it didn't work as well as the doctors would have liked so I was given something a little bit stronger.  Of course, I'm freaking out and now my blood pressure is pretty high. On top of that they have to give me what seemed like a million bags of fluid.

I was so not looking forward to getting that IV because I HATE needles with a passion!!  I ended up getting stuck quite a few times that night and was not a happy camper.  I just wanted to go home but I knew that if I did my water would break and then I'd be up a huge creek.  Thankfully, they kept me pretty much out of it on Saturday with pain drugs and finally got my contractions under control enough that I could go home for Easter.

I think everybody could see how miserable I was.  However, I was under strict instructions to come back if my contractions were coming five at a time within 60 minutes.  I spent the rest of Saturday in a drug induced trance.  However, Sunday once the drugs had worn off the pain really set in . My entire body was sore!!

Thank goodness for my mom and baby sister to help me with Moo and getting up and down.  Later on Sunday afternoon my feet and legs started swelling like balloons. I could actually feel the swelling happening and my contractions started back but it was less than five within 60 minutes.

Today, I'm pretty much still sore and I woke sick and vomiting. I haven't had morning sickness in a while.  I am just thinking that I need to avoid cars for the duration of my pregnancy.  Honestly, I'm hoping to feel better by the end of the week because that's when my Moo comes back and I can't be this sore and trying to keep up with her once the hubby leaves for work.

And thank you to everyone who kept us in prayer and showed concern..  Some of you have truly become really great friends to me and I appreciate your kindness.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that my little man will stay put for at least another 2 weeks!!


  1. OMG!!!! What a weekend you had indeed! I'm glad that you & the JJ are OK other than the sore feelings. And your right no driving for you missy

  2. Glad you and everybody are okay. I can't believe the time has come already for you to have the baby

  3. What a mess! Glad you guys are ok. Hold on tight to that baby. It's not finished baking yet!

  4. Oh gosh, what a scare! Definitely keep you and baby in our prayers.

  5. @This Cookn' Mom-Thank you. We appreciate the prayers.

  6. So Glad everything is okay! praying for 14 more days of the baby baking in the oven.

  7. Super super scary thing to go through -- especially when pregnant! You are SO strong and I admire you for that. So glad everyone is okay. xx

  8. @Amber-Thanks for the prayers!

    @Alicia-Yes, it was super scary because while I want my little man here, I want him here safe!