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Fashion Find: Dress Your Boo for Under $100

So, I am going to hereby dub April the Month of Excellent Steals & Deals!  Yes, good people I have again stumbled across a great sale going on .  And guess what ladies, you can dress your boo for under $100!!  That's a shirt, shoes and pants without breaking the bank.  

I know that I'm not the only one who has taken a look at her man and wondered 'Don't you have something else in your closet that you can wear?' And I've asked my husband many times, 'Is that the only pair of pants you own honey?'  Yes, when guys find a comfy shirt or pair jeans they will wear it out to the max.  Sure, they will get fly and fresh to death when going to hang out with the boys, but otherwise it's business as usual.

I've learned that the way to fix this is to add a few new pieces to their wardrobe every so often.  And as I've stated several times, I don't pay full price for anything fashion related even if it is designer!  This not only applies to when I'm shopping for myself but for my boo as well!  Check out the outfit I put together for the hubby from Rocawear below.

Freedom Shirt
Dermit Jean

Leather & Suede Sheik Roc

My grand total came to $88.94!  And from now until April 7th, you can get $20 off all orders over $75!  So, that took my total down to $68.94!  Now that is a steal for a complete outfit plus shoes!  Click on the links below to get to saving.  They even great prices on kids and womens clothing as well.

Oh don't forget to check out the accessories too because I'm getting this cute little number for myself
Mod Sensation Dome Satchel

Happy Shopping!!!


  1. I love shopping, but I love finding good deals even more! Those sneakers you bought for your husband is so fly! You certainly have an eye for good fashion, lady.

  2. Ha ha! I hate shopping for guy stuff. Except for the lil man.