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Room Service Atlanta

The mission of Room Service Atlanta is to create "beautiful, nourishing environments" to give those families living in shelters hope and inspiration as they experience particularly difficult times.

Why You Should Support Them
During the recent economic depression of the United States, many families found themselves without a job.  Thus, without a job to even buy food these families also lost their homes.  Now homeless and struggling to get back up on their feet, these families are currently living in homeless shelters.  And while shelter staffers work hard to create a safe and secure environment for these families to live, they don't have the funds to make each room feel like home.

Thankfully, that is where Room Service Atlanta is stepping in.  Started by friends and interior designers Erika Ward and Dayka Robinson, Room Service Atlanta is going to "provide and install home interiors" to help each family have that homey and comfortable feeling within their designated living space beginning with the Nicholas House in Atlanta, Georgia this April.  So of us may be wondering why this is important?  Well, when you've lost just about everything you own including your self-confidence simple things like having complete strangers come into your temporary living space and transforming it into your own one of a kind oasis for the duration of your visit can do wonders for your emotional well being. 

Many of these families need this boost of confidence to give them hope and inspire them to continue working to get back on their feet.  Not to mention, with people (even the rich) cutting back on their giving to charities and nonprofits, Room Service Atlanta is greatly needed.  They are not only inspiring the residents but hoping to inspire other designers and business owners to start back and/or increase their charitable giving.

To find out more about Room Service Atlanta visit their website here.

How You Can Help
There are several ways that you can get involved with Room Service Atlanta.  If you live in or around the Atlanta, Georgia area then you can volunteer to assist Room Service Atlanta as they work to transform the Nicholas House this April.  You can also volunteer to help out at upcoming special events.  If you live outside the Atlanta area, you can mail in donations like bedding, lamps, pillows and more.

For more ways that you can work with Room Service Atlanta click here.

More 411

Or Email:
Dayka Robinson, Co-Founder

Erika Ward, Co-Founder

Or Phone:

(678) 558-6731
Dayka Robinson, Co-Founder

(678) 300-8765
Erika Ward, Co-Founder

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting our charity on your blog! We are so passionate about our work and excited for the residents to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

  2. You are such a doll for doing this! We appreciate this more than you know! Nice to know we have friends in Charlotte, too!

    Hope you are doing well. Tweet with you later!

  3. You're welcome ladies!! Just glad that I could help spread the word about a wonderful organization!