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Room at the Inn

The mission of Room at the Inn is to be 'a safe haven and source of hope for pregnant mothers and their children.'

Why You Should Support Them
One of the scariest scenarios that can happen to a young woman or woman of any age is an unplanned pregnancy.  It's like one day you're going about life without a worry in the world and then the next you're looking at this positive pregnancy test that has just changed everything.  What are going you going to do?  What if the father doesn't want to be involved?  How are you going to make it?

Thankfully, Room at the Inn is there to help.  They provide free residential housing for moms 18 years old and  older for up to 24 months with up to 2 children.  While living in this residential housing moms are taught about life skills like cooking, healthy living, building their faith, family planning and much more.  Room at the Inn also provides counseling services to help these moms with obtaining education and career opportunities to prepare and enable them to support themselves and their families.  They also offer many outreach programs to pregnant women and moms in the community.

With organizations like Room at the Inn, we can see more moms being better prepared and able to not only take of themselves and their children, but also they will be able to make better choices in the future.  Sometimes, when it seems like life is crumbling before us all we need is someone to show us the way and prove that there is hope.  And Room at the Inn is doing just that for pregnant women and moms in the Charlotte area.

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How You Can Help
If you are a mom, soon to be a mom, or parent in general, I am sure that you can understand and appreciate the importance of having a program like Room at the Inn.  Being a nonprofit, this organization relies solely on the generosity and giving of strangers in order to keep their opens and to provide free services.  You can help them continue to expand and help mothers by making a financial donation, signing up to become a volunteer or donating gently used and new items like cribs, baby clothes, maternity clothes, and more.

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More 411

Or Write:
Room at the Inn
PO Box 75384
Charlotte, NC 28275

Or Call:
(704) 525-HOPE (4673)

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  1. It's so great that they provide help for pregnant mothers and children. Heading on over to their website now! Thanks for highlighting this organization and sharing their mission.