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Promising Youth, Inc

Promising Youth's mission is to "support healthy growth in children and adolescents, reduce homeless and institutional living for children, educate and train parents to properly and effectively care for children in need of families and homes, help put a stop to child abuse, neglect and exploitation, as well as to protect children from cruelty and inhumane living and encourage unity and trust" by "offering stability and commitment."

Why You Should Support Them
I don't know how many times I can say it, but children are our future.  They're going to be our future presidents, congress leaders, teachers, and even caregivers.  So, it is imperative that we as parents make sure we are raising our children correctly and treating them like human beings instead of nuances.  After all they didn't ask to be here. That was a choice that we as the parents made to create them.

However, let's be real.  Some parents do not and are not going to treat their children well.  They are too busy being mad at the world for a deed they willing participated in.  Thus, the children in those homes often times act in school, their community, etc in search of attention and as a cry for help and real affection.  Thankfully, we have organizations like Promising Youth who steps in to place these children with foster families that will take the time to show them that they too are important and aren't a bother but a gift of life.

Promising Youth uses various methods of therapeutic treatment to help improve these children's self-esteem, self-love, self-respect and more.  They strive to make sure that each child is treated with dignity and the respect they deserve.  Most importantly they give these children, who are often labeled as troublemakers, hope and a second chance to prove the naysayers wrong about who they are.

For more information on Promising Youth visit their website here.

How You Can Help
Promising Youth is always accepting monetary donations to help them with operation costs and more.  I encourage you please donate to this wonderful organization.  They are working so hard to save and change the lives so many children!

For more information on how you can make a donation click here.

More 411

Or Write:
Promising Youth, Inc
2750 E. WT Harris Blvd Ste 105
Charlotte, NC 28213

Or Call:

(704) 509-0009

Don't forget to donate $1 to help raise funds for one of the highlighted charities and be entered to win one of our amazing prizes.  The more you donate, the more chances you have to win!


  1. Our children are so important. My heart always goes out to those who have dedicated themselves to our youth. Some are truly lost and organizations like this are priceless in the war of regaining our children.

  2. @Mimi-I couldn't agree more. My husband is a constant reminder of why we need to support organizations like this. While it would be nice if all parents stepped up to their responsibilities, that's not always the case and those children need rescuing before it's too late!