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Levine Children's Hospital

Levine Children's Hospital's mission is "to ensure excellent children's healthcare by building partnerships between caregivers and families." 

Why You Should Support Them
If you've been keeping up with my blog, you would know that we have been having a rough couple of days with Moo's health starting with a trip to the emergency room last Friday.  As a parent ending up in the emergency room with your child who has a mystery illness is always a worst nightmare.  For me it was the scariest moment in my life as a mom by far.  I felt completely helpless and worried that whatever Moo had was a result of something I did.

Thankfully, the medical staff at the Levine Children's Hospital was awesome and reassured me that she was going to be fine.  They called in the best of the best to attend to her care.  For a moment, it felt like we were celebrities getting the star treatment.  They made sure that no stone was left unturned before officially diagnosing her.

When it comes to children's healthcare and making sure that your child is well taken care of, I can truly say that I would recommend Levine Children's Hospital to any and all parents in the Queen City and surrounding areas.  They have doctors that are board certified in over 30 different areas of expertise or specialties.  They have a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency room just for children.  So, you know that your child is being seen and attended to by a physician who specializes in pediatrics.

They are also very involved in the Charlotte, NC community and are well known for giving back to those in need in this area.  Honestly, I could go on and on about how great Levine Children's Hospital is.  They are simply amazing and the care you get at their facility is truly top notch!

For more information on the Levine Children's Hospital click here.   

How You Can Help
You can help the Levine Children's Hospital continue to provide excellent care and services for families like mine by becoming a volunteer or assisting them in their many fundraising efforts.   Trust me that lives you touch will be more than reward enough for getting involved with this wonderful organization.

For information on how you can make a donation or sign up to volunteer click here.

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Or Call:
(704) 381-2092

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  1. those who work in a Children's Hospital have such challenging jobs! it's so wonderful to be able to support a place that gives new life to children and their families. :) thanks for sharing!

  2. @Lua-Thanks for stopping by. They do have challenging job because it can be so hard to diagnose bodies that small and then finding a suitable treatment that their bodies can handle.

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