FFAWN's mission is "to inspire women from all walks of life to gain the confidence and skills they need to reach their individual potential."

Why You Should Support Them
As women, we have had to fight to gain the same rights and respect as our male counterparts.  And although, we have come a long way, there are still many challenges facing us today no matter what walk or station in life we come from.  And often times those challenges can be and are extremely discouraging, preventing us from reaching our dreams and achieving our fullest potential in life.

Well, nobody knows more about overcoming challenges and obstacles than R&B singer Mary J Blige.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with her story and how she went from having nothing to becoming one of the best female artists and performers ever!!  In 2007, she decided to partner with music executive and marketing professional Steve Stoute to create a foundation that would serve as a source of motivation, encouragement and knowledge for women and young girls seeking to make something of themselves.

Since then, FFAWN has been helping young girls and women through programs offered at the Mary J Blige Center for Women, the 3E workshop series and the FFAWN Scholarship Fund.  FFAWN works to educate their participants on the importance of education, family, finances, how to live a healthy lifestyle and much more.  FFAWN also offers assistance with financial aid, job placement and learning life skills.

For more information on how this wonderful organization is making an impact on the lives of our young girls and women visit their website here.

How You Can Help
Because FFAWN works to help so many there are many ways that you can get involved with this amazing foundation.  You can make a financial donation to help keep the MJB Center for Women going or even make a donation to their scholarship fund and help a woman go to college.  FFAWN is always seeking volunteers to help them with their cause.  They also accept college interns.

For more information and other ways that you can get involved with FFAWN click here.

More 411

Or Write:
145 W 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

Or Call:
(212) 299-5306

Or Email:
Samantha Frank, Director

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  1. Another great charity highlighted! FFAWN's mission is so important. Heading over to their website now. Thanks so much!

  2. @Alicia-Thanks so much for your continued support of March For Charity.