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A Day of Discovery

I am happy to report that Moo has been feeling much better this week. Her meds have worked and she is back to her normal self.  And after being shuffled from the emergency room to the pediatrician and stuck in the house for almost two weeks, I was more than thrilled when presented with the opportunity to take her to the Discovery Place here in the Queen City.  As a matter of fact, the first time I ever visited Charlotte was on a trip to the Discovery Place when I was a Brownie in Girl Scouts.

I remembered all the fun I had exploring and playing with all the different exhibits.  My favorite was the exhibit they used to have on the human body. It had a giant ear that you could climb inside and everything.  It was amazing to say the least.  And I thought it was just the coolest thing ever.  So, I was curious to see how Moo would react on her very first trip there as well.

Would she love it as much as I did?  Would she be bored?  Would she get cranky?  I had so many thoughts and questions running through my mind as we got Wednesday morning.  However, as we approached Uptown, I could hear Moo chattering away in her car seat about all the different stuff she was seeing out her window.  If you've never been to Charlotte, then let me just say that Uptown is really a beautiful place with lots of tall buildings and great sites.

She squealed with even more excitement as parked in the parking garage and got out the car.  It was like she could tell we were somewhere really special.  I felt relieved.  This was a good sign that today was going to be a fun day for her.  In we went and first up on our list was a trip to the KidScience room.

She had a blast playing at the water table station.  The purpose of the water table station was to teach kids about the flow of water.  They had a water wheel and the kids were suppose to figure out which pipes to use to get the water to make the wheel move.  We ended up making two trips back to the KidScience room so that she could get her fill of the water.

I have to admit that even I got caught up in the fun of the KidScience room. See my cute little glow board masterpiece above?  It's a rocket ship and a star.  I did a good job of following the pattern. Don't you think so.  After the KidScience room we headed to the aquarium exhibit.

Let me just say that she loves, loves, loves fish.  It doesn't matter what kind of fish it is, she loves them all! She literally ran to look into all the different tanks.  It was surreal to stand back and watch her little face light up with joy and wonder.  We even found Nemo. LOL

Also, during our visit we checked out the Rain Forest exhibit and saw some pretty neat birds and a large tortoise.  The tortoise was my favorite part of the Rain Forest exhibit because I love turtles. My brother and I had several for pets.  We enjoyed all the science experiments and the race exhibit they had set up on the second floor.

Overall, I would say that this is by far the best outing we have had to date. She had a wonderful time and I discovered that the Discovery Place is still a place filled with just as much fun, adventure and wonder as it was when I was a little girl.

*Disclaimer:  I was given complimentary tickets to the Discovery Place.  However, the choice to write this post was solely my idea and all opinions expressed are genuinely my own.


  1. Aww... what a cutiepie. I am soooo glad Ms. Moo is feeling better {hugs}. Glad you all had fun. Sounds like fun-
    Take Care-

  2. @Mrs AOK-Thanks. I'm glad that she if feeling better too!