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March for Charity

It's no secret that I enjoy giving back.  I truly believe that the fastest way to improve your life is by improving the lives of others.  Some of you might be saying 'Yeah right!'  However think about it.  When you help another in need doesn't it give you a boost in confidence, put a smile on your face and brighten your day?

Well, that would be an improvement. I think that what gets most people about giving is they usually look to receive something in return materialistically.  And that's the wrong attitude to have when it comes to being a blessing to others.  I come from a small and economically challenged area that greatly benefits from local charities and nonprofits.  However, some of those charities and nonprofits are struggling and it breaks my heart a little bit.

It's not just the nonprofits in my area that are suffering, but even some national charities have seen a decline in their support.  A lack of support means that many charities and nonprofits can't support as many needy families as they used to.  Therefore, for the entire month of March, I have decided to highlight and bring awareness to one charity a day.  I think that once we educate ourselves on the different organizations out there maybe we will reconsider buying those new red pumps we don't need and donate that money to a charity to help a family or individual down on their luck.  Maybe, we'll find more ways to help out in our communities like sending cards to our troops or raking an elderly neighbor's yard.

In addition, I'm going to host my first March for Charity Twitter party on Friday, April 1 to help spread the word about some of these groups and inspire some of you to get more involved with nonprofits in your area.  In conjunction,  with the Twitter party, I'm going to be giving away prizes!!  In order to be entered to win a prize, you must donate at least $1 using the ChipIn widget in the left sidebar.  My goal is to raise $2000 and have you all vote on which charity that was highlighted on my blog we should donate the money to.

I will be writing to each charity to let them know that they are being highlighted on my blog and send them an invitation to participate in our March for Charity Twitter party.  Also, I am seeking to raise funds by offering ad space on my blog and listing in the YUMMommy Business Directory. 60% of the proceeds will go to our charity selected. So, I hope that you will join me in raising awareness and support!

You can start by entering the link for your favorite charity below.

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