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March For Charity Update

First, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has gotten on board with March For Charity.  It means a lot to know that you all have my back and are as passionate about giving back to our communities as me.  I am looking forward to making this a successful event with your help.  For those who you who are just joining  YUMMommy and don't know what March For Charity is please click here.

What's New
Well, we have a total of 8 charitable organizations that were submitted in the link up and three that was submitted to me via Twitter.  That gives us a grand total of 11 so far.  I know that 9 is a couple of leaps away from 31 (I will be highlighting one charity each day).  However, I understand that this is my first time hosting this event and it will take some time for it to take off.  Hopefully, if you are reading this and didn't submit a link to your favorite charity during the link up, you will leave one in the comments to be added to our list. Either way by tomorrow night, there will be 31 charities on the list.

I am also, still looking forward for brands, companies, and bloggers to still help donate products, services, and/or gift certificates to be raffled at the March For Charity Twitter Party on Friday, April 1 at 10 PM.  Please remember that in order to take part of the raffle is that you must first donate $1 minimum in our ChipIn widget (left sidebar).  The more you donate the more names your name will be entered in the raffle.  For example, if you donate $5 then you will have 5 entries.  Our goal is to help raise $2000, but if we get at least $500 I will be happy.

Also, I am looking for hosts to help host the Twitter party.  I do have a few charity experts that I will be inviting to serve on the panel.  So, please feel free to submit any questions that you may have.  I am also hoping to get someone from a few of the organizations highlighted will also be there to participate too.

Last but not least please support by picking up our button (right sidebar).  I'm not exactly a graphic design guru yet, but I did my best to create a button that is stylish and eye catching.  So, grab that and wear it proudly on your blog for all of your readers to see.  Remember that this event will only be successful with your help.

One more piece of news totally on a different note.  I would like to give a huge shout out to

for making YUMMommy her Featured Blog Saturday feature!!!  Yay, I am tickled pink at all the awesome and wonderful things she had to say about me and my blog.  If you aren't following her this military wife, mother, pet owner, etc. then you are missing out.  Check her blog out immediately!!


  1. I'd love to help just let me know what ya need. Just added your button to my blog.

  2. @Mrs AOK-Thanks!! I will send you an email.

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  5. You are super awesome! So glad you're my bloggy BF! <3

  6. @Megan-Thanks for stopping by!


    @Mrs. Sergeant-You're pretty awesome too!!

  7. What an awesome event! I know it'll get VERY successful!