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Happy Black History Month

Yes, today is officially the first day of Black History Month!  And I have to say that this Black History Month is especially special because Moo is finally at the age where she kind of understands what's going on.  I can share with her stories and picture books about her ancestors and she'll retain some of what I'm talking about.  I'm really excited to see what kind of Black History shows and programs they have for kids this year.

I hope and pray that you all will share the importance of observing Black History Month with your children.  I can't stress enough how imparative it is for our Black children to know that they come from greatness.  So, many times they have it stuck in their mind that because some of us started off as slaves, that we are worthless.  However, that is not the case. Before we were slaves we were the first people to walk the earth.  (Yes, Adam and Eve have been proven to be Africans!)  Then we were and still are kings and queens!

More importantly besides teaching our children about our past, we need to teach them about our present and our future.  There are Blacks who are making history as we speak.  Look at Barack Obama!  He is our first Black president!  This man is making strides that although some of us said it was possible, others of us didn't believe until it happened.  He has given knew meanings to the words 'You can be anything.'

And remember that Black History doesn't have to be just one month out of the year, but 365.  Take the time to teach your kids about their history whenever you have an opportunity.  The more they know about where they came from the further they can go and will go in life.

Oh, did you all know that I come from a family that had two very famous celebrities?  Well, I am a great decendent of Aunt Jemima (yes, the pancake syrup lady) and I'm the great, great cousin of the late Grammy award winning singer Luther Vandross! It's truly funny when I reveal this about myself because the next question people usually ask is 'So, you're rich right?'  Nope! That's not how it works in this family.  While, I spent plenty of days with Mary Vandross when she resided in her South Carolina residence and Luther would come to visit, we never did the whole can you break us off a couple thousand song and dance.

His success was his own to enjoy and reap the benefits of.  We were very proud of everything he achieved and treated him like a normal member of the family.  In this family, every man either swims or sink.  Now, we don't let each other go homeless or starve, but we don't encourage bumming either.  If you have an able body, then you are expected to go there and make something of yourself just like everybody else did.  We are proud of stake in Black History and are looking forward to the next generation continuing to carry the torch and make more history.

Happy Black History Month!! 


  1. Well that was an interesting tidbit. My real name is Jemimah and people always ask if I was named after Aunt Jemima! Alex Haley the author of Roots is my second cousin, so Roots is basically the story of my mothers side of the family.

    Black history month is very important. Matter of fact we are going to go to the library tomorrow to pick up a few books.

  2. Interesting things about you and your family history. It is so important to know our history and to share our heritage with our children. Have you picked up/read "Of Thee I Sing" to Moo yet? it's Obama's book and a letter to his daughters. It's really a great read to little children and teaches them about all kinds of great people.

  3. @Mimi-Oh wow. I've always wondered what it would be like to have my family's story played out in a movie. Just to have the documentation to share with future generations is such a great resource.

    @Alicia-No, I have been meaning to get to the bookstore and pick it up since it's not sold out here anymore. That will be an excellent field trip for us to take next week.

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  7. What an awesome post! I cannot wait until my boys are old enough to understand what I teach them about their history. I am looking forward to that day.

  8. @Yakini-Thanks. I think teaching kids about their history is so very important!