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Fashion Find: Seeing Red with Dereon

During my freshman year of college, I took a History of Fashion class.  One day we talked about power colors and our assignment for the next week was to wear an outfit to class in our power color.  Of course, most of the girls thought that pink and red were their power color.  So, our professor gave us a quick survey of sorts that helped to determine our true power colors.  Guess what mine was?

Yep, you guessed it right!  My power color was RED!!  So, I've decided to grab a few more things in red to help unleash my power.  Look at the hauteness I spotted over at Dereon today.

Dance-Now $34.97


Stage Door Satchel-Now $69.99

Square Wayferer Sunglasses-$42.00

Satin Luv Top-Now $24.97

What is your power color?


  1. I am DYING for those sunglasses! A good red accessory is so powerful! Great picks.

  2. @Jill-Thanks!! I'm trying to hold out on getting them because I know they are coming out with new ones and those will soon be a little lower, but it's too tempting!!

  3. Now following you from the Monday Morning Blog Hop. Would love a follow back:

  4. I love me some red too!!! I also feel really great when I wear cobalt blue!
    Great post!