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Fashion Find: Adding Style to Your Man's Wardrobe

Let me just say that while some of the greatest fashion houses in world were started by men, when it comes to styling themselves so men can be down right clueless.  I mean they can tell you what does or doesn't look good on your body, but they can't even coordinate a suit, tie and shirt for themself.  Crazy but true.  So, once again we have the save day and make a few tweaks so that can look as fresh and clean as Denzel Washington and not like a target on What Not to Wear.

Anyways, having seen some of the pictures of celebs from Fashion Week got me to looking at my hubby and his wardrobe.  Seriously, if I'm going to be walking the red carpet and attending all sorts of lovely fashion events in the near future, I can't have him looking anything other than his best.  Right now the most stylish and dressy outfit he owns is a pair of black slacks and a blue button down with a matching blue tie.  So, not cutting it.  Well, who do you turn to when you want to add a little style to your man's wardrobe?  Why P. Diddy of course!

I mean have you seen how fresh and clean he always looks?  And guess what 99% of the things he's seen in are from his own Sean John line.  It's sort of couture affordable fashions for men.  Anyways, here are my fave picks that I would love to add to revamp the hubby's wardrobe with.

Basket Weave Sweater-Now $57.59

Seersucker Pants-Now $33.97

Purple Fancy Pinstripe Button Down- Now $28.99

Charcoal Twill Suit-Now $196.96

Textured Plague Belt- Now $18.99

Front Pocket Wallet- Now $17.99

Check out Sean John and see what cool styles they have that you would like to see in your man's closet.  Also, take advantage of the great sale they have going on by clicking on the link below:


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing the coupon code! I think the hubby would love a few of these items!

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  3. love this post! love sean john!

  4. @Lisa-You're welcome. I'm sure he'll be happen to have some new additions to his closet.

    @Nells-Thanks for visiting. Will be sure to stop by your blog.


  5. wow that basket weave sweater would look GREAT on a guy. I think its so cute, I love my guy in sweaters!

  6. The only man I add style to is my lil man's, Aiden. But thanks for sharing the coupon code -- so generous of you.

  7. @Alicia-And he is so lucky to have such a stylish mama to style him!