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Celebrate Your Love: Leap Frog

Valentine's Day is not just about celebrating your love for your spouse or significant other but for your kids as well.  For as long as I can remember my mom made sure to get us Valentine's Day cards and the small box of chocolates when we were kids.  Now that we're adults and she is more financially stable, she's stepped up the chocolates to jewelry.  However, the point is that she used Valentine's Day as a day to tell and show us how much she appreciated us and noticed the small things we'd do around the house without her asking.

And if you all know anything about me by now it's that I am anything but traditional.  Since, Moo has taken an interest in learning and reading and can now count to 5 by herself, I have been looking at some LeapFrog stuff to get her.  Jay and I don't want her to feel left out on Valentine's Day and will probably be scooping up one of these cute little items for her to go with her card.

Explore the outdoors, light lanterns, collect sun fuzzies, watch fireworks and celebrate with Kai-lan and friends!  Five festive activities light the way to learning Mandarin vocabulary, shapes, counting,  letters, colors and computer navigation skills.

Alphabet Pal has a silly giggle, flashing antennae and comical walk - he's sure to tickle your child's funny bone!  Four learning modes introduce letter names, letter sounds, colors and music.  Pull Alphabet Pal's string to hear the ABC song!  Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog?? Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.

When an unlikely encounter turns her into a frog, Tiana learns that dreams can come true in the most unexpected ways. Teaches about musical instruments, memory, sorting and classifying and New Orleans culture.  Learn about New Orleans music and instruments with Tiana. 

This Tag Junior board book springs to life when you touch the Tag Junior book pal to any part of any page.  Introduces animals and listening skills.  Learn about animals wild and free through the wonderful lens of Eric Carle.  More than 24 playful activities and 150 audio responses encourage little ones to explore while helping build confidence with books.

So, why not check out what LeapFrog has to offer for your little ones.  Instead of getting them a plain ol' stuffed animal for Valentine's Day why not get them something that can be put to good use and help them expand their love of learning.  Click on the banner below or any of the pics above to visit their website.

*I was not compensated for this post.  Simply expressing my opinion of what would make great Valentine's Day gifts for our little ones.*


  1. My son LOVES Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See so I may just have to get him the Panda Bear version for Valentines Day. I did say that this is the year that I would start getting him a V-Day gift because I want to model for him small ways to show love and show him that he is loved... and how to do it right for that special someone when he gets older. LOL.

  2. @Alicia-Yes, now is the perfect time to start teaching them about these things.

  3. My son had the alphabet Caterpillar when he was little and loved it. Also I found you on the twitter hop and I saw that you were from Charlotte. I'm in Concord, so I had to follow. I love your blog and I can't wait to read more. I am thinking of a charity, and until then I will wait and link up. I am searching around though and good luck with your book :)
    Having Fun Blogging

  4. @MrsPhilipswithoneL-Yea, maybe one of these days when I'm down at Concord Mills can meet up!! I haven't come across a lot of Charlotte/Concord ppl on Twitter or in the blogging world.