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Things That Make Me Say Hmmm...

I'm telling you the Internet is a funny place.  Seriously, you'd be amazed at all the nonsense and foolishness you'll find on here.  I stumbled across a few things that I just had to share in this week's Things That Make Me Say

1-Darkie Shaving Soap: it appears some ignorant shop owner in Hamilton County, Indiana has been selling a shaving soap called Darkie, which features racially inappropriate images and names on the wrapper.  Although, this soap came out during slavery time when things like this were acceptable, we are in the year 2011.  And this kind of foolishness will not fly.  Does this man not know his president is black?

And to make matters worth, the shop owner (Gary Dewester) had the nerve to make the comment that "Our country's built on racism."  Are freaking serious dude?  I would like to think that America is built on a little bit more than that.  Yes, racism is part of our history and still part of some of our everyday lives, but let's get real that's not what our country is built on.

2-Hood Celebrities:  Well, I love Twitter.  In fact, you can find me on there tweeting and retweeting all day long. But yesterday, while I was tweeting I came across a tweet (a couple of tweets actually) from R& B singer Keyshia Cole's sister Neffe (@IamNeffe) has been advertising her son's upcoming bday party on Twitter and inviting strangers as well as her 'fans' to come out and party.  But get this if you don't bring Jaylyn a gift (and he's registered and Toys 'R Us and Target she pointed out) you don't get to enter. must be a little tight since Keyshia came to her senses and cut them off.  I'm all for hood celebrities expanding their fan base and 15 minutes of fame, but not at the expense of your kids.  Like really you're inviting all kinds or strangers to your 3 year old's party and all they have to bring is a gift.  This is just straight craziness to me.  I'm not even a celebrity (yet) and I don't allow strangers into my family events.

Seriously, flip on the news and you'll people getting killed and kidnapped and held hostage every day.  So, why would you endanger the life of your kids and the other invited guests by making a kids' party open to the public?  You know half the people who show up aren't even going to have kids.  And a few of her followers tried to call her out on this and point out that it was not good parental judgement to use her son's bday party for publicity and she got all stank on them claiming she was doing it because she 'loves the people.'

Well, Neffe if you love the people so much why not just wait and invite them to your own birthday party?  You know a grownup party?
3-Potty Dances: So, I'm getting serious about potty training Moo.  I'm getting tired of changing diapers and she's getting to heavy for me to pick up.  Plus, she can talk in full sentences and do all kinds of things by herself.  These are sure signs that it's time to take the next step in her toddler independence.  And I've been seeing a lot of these Luv commercials with potty dances.

Hmm...I'm so not going to teach her any potty dances.  Let's be real, if she has to go potty she needs to just tell me.  I don't need her bursting out into spontaneous song and dance for the whole world to see when we're in public singing about going to the bathroom.  Embarrassing!!! 

So, what things have made you go hmmm...?

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  2. Seriously Neffe..that is some foolishness. Some people need their parental rights revoked...and she might be one of them. I see why Keysha has separated herself. That right there's would have to be my hmmmm for the week. I can't believe that. Any who loving your new look!

  3. @Working-Thanks for following!

    @Mimi-Yes, that is some big time foolishness. And I'm so glad that Keyshia separated herself because they were starting to bring her down. I think that she understands that just because she's from the hood doesn't mean you have to act hood. You have to learn how not to be a product of your environment and Neffe has yet to learn that I see.

    And thanks. I felt it was time to give YUMMommy a fresh coat of paint.

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  5. Wow, those are sure disturbing!
    I'm a new follower.

    Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

  6. Wow. I hadn't heard about the soap. Ridiculous! And Neffe needs to sit down somewhere. Money clearly must be tight since people have lost interest in her and her crazy mom!

    Love your new layout!

  7. @Sarah-Thanks! Heading to check out your blog too.

    @Jenn-Thanks for following


    @Andrea-Yes, that soap takes the cake for real. And money must be very tight for Neffe, especially since their show got cut and she can't be getting paid much for guest appearances because she's not all that famous.

  8. Hey fellow SITS girl... Love the blog. I have to admit, potty dances do make me giggle. I might consider it for the laugh factor.

  9. @A Frugal Life-Glad you love the blog and thanks for stopping by.

  10. 1-I live the next county away and I remember that guy on the news. Did he really think that was acceptable?
    2-Really? Wow. I'm not even sure where to begin on that.
    3-Ugh...folks have been potty training kids for hundreds of years without some stupid dance. Who has time for that?

    love the blog!
    jen @

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  12. new follower!

    1 - that is ridiculous - I never hard of it but is this guy living in some type of time warp or just plain stupid? I go with the latter! lol!

    2 - are you kidding me? Seriously that is just inviting danger into your child's life! What the hell is she thinking? At least put a $100 minimum on the gift or something and keep out the riff raff, lol just kidding! That is just wrong!

    3- Potty Dance = Marketing ploy! Children nee dto know to say they have to go - imagine them with someone else who just sees them dancing and has no idea it's bc they ahve to use the bathroom! Ridiculous! :)

    come check me out when you have a chance! love your blog! Glad I found you via the hop & congrats on being featured! :)


  13. @Jenn-Yes, really. It's crazy to be pimping your kid's bday party out for publicity.

    @Jennifer-Thanks for visiting. I will stop by your blog.

    @Mom 2 Posh Lil Divas-Yea, I can imagine my Moo doing her potty dance at Grandma's and my mom will be like awww...that's cute. LOL. Just teach them to say they have to go potty and let that be it.