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Things That Make Me Say Hmmm...

I've thought about it and have decided to officially dub Tuesday as Things That Make Me Say Hmmm...Day here on YUMMommy.  I don't know about you all but I see, hear and read a lot of things that make me say hmmm...on a daily basis almost.  And it's not always in a negative or bad way either.  Sometimes, I cross an inspiring story or something that makes me pause and think.  Anyways, this past week things that have made me say hmmm...were

1-People think Michael Vick shouldn't have gotten jail time:  This weekend while vacationing with the fam at the beach, we were all gathered in my uncle's suite when they starting talking about Michael Vick on Sports Center.  Of course, they brought up the fact the he had served jail time for his participation in dog fighting.  And a few of my family members got into a heated debate over whether or not he should have gotten jail time.  In my mind I was thinking hmmm...of course he should have gotten jail time.  He broke the law.

And who gives a damn that he was one of the richest and best football players in the league?  I sure as hell didn't.  We have enough celebrities out here now thinking they are above the law and getting away with stuff.  There are non-famous people serving same time if not more time than Vick did for the same crime.  Just because he's famous does not give him a pass.

Furthermore, God did not put animals on this earth for us to use maliciously.  Animals are for eating and/or companionship.  And it kills me when people try to play the race card and say that if he was white they would have given a slap  on the wrist.  I'm not so sure that I agree with that.  Dogs are man's best friend and hold a special place in the hearts of just about 90% of Americans.

And if you think that there are other crimes out there that are more severe but have less harsher sentences than dog fighting charges then open your mouth and say something.  Yelling at your tv will not get laws changed or amended people.  If you want injustice to stop then you have campaign and get your voice heard.  Otherwise shut up and stop complaining!!

2-Exchanging Christmas presents: We all know that Christmas is not about receiving but giving just like the wise men gave gifts to Jesus.  However, let's keep it real some of us really enjoy Christmas just because of the gifts.  So, my thoughts are that if you want to receive a gift, you need to give a gift.  When I hear some of my family members complaining about how they didn't receive gifts from our family this year all I can say is hmmm...I can't even remember the last time you gave me a gift probably because it's been never.

I don't have money to blow on people who don't even have the decency to purchase me a birthday gift, baby shower gift, etc.  So, when I see you with your lip poked out like a baby because I'm giving out gifts to those who give me gifts, I could care less.  And don't try to play that 'I'm broke' role with me when you're eating out at the Chinese buffet, the Mexican restaurant or McDonald's every night.  I wasn't hatched out an egg yesterday and I'm your family.  I already know your business and I know  you're not broke!!

3-Lady in my hometown winning $100,000 from lottery ticket: hmmm...I'm going to start coming home and buying some scratch off lottery tickets.  LOL But in all seriousness, this is like the fifth big money ticket that gas station has sold in less than two years.  That means I have good odds of winning because my hometown is about the size of my thumb.  I am seriously giving it some thought and talked it over with my mom and little brother.  They totally down in playing it with me.  Maybe, I'll be a $100,000 or more richer by next New Year's.

4-People in my hometown thinking they are thugs:  Now I come from one of the smallest towns in South Carolina if not the United States.  And everybody pretty much knows everybody.  We have nothing but a handful of fast food restaurants, some pharmacies, mom & pop shops and a WalMart.  So, when I see these wanna-be New York/LA thugs from here it is the funniest and saddest thing to me.  Hmmm...this is what you choose to do with your life?

They are not even remotely interested in getting out of this small city an seeing what else the world has to offer. They go to jail over stupid stuff like stealing $5 and smoking weed.  Honestly, what do they think is going to happen when they're parents or grandparents whom they're staying with dies?  Nobody else is going to take care of your jobless and education less behind.  The state is going to foreclose on your parent's or grandparent's house once you miss paying the property taxes and then somebody else with common sense is going to come a long and buy it at the delinquent tax auction and you'll be homeless too.

I'm so glad that I've always wanted more for myself than to live in a small town most people have near even heard of.  I have big dreams and serious goals.  Who cares if you think that makes me bourgeoisie?  I sure as heck don't.

So what have you seen, heard or read in the past week that made you say hmmm...?


  1. A fellow blogger at Minus the Bar wrote a fabulous post re Vick a few months ago -

    I'm not an animal lover by any stretch of the imagination and I definitely eat meat. Honestly, I could care less about dog fighting. It is a subculture that exists (and thrives) in many areas that people would be SHOCKED to learn about. I do think that he was used as an example by the prosecutors based on his age, race, income and his reverence within the celebrity/sporting world. I hope that his talent and athleticism (the main reasons that we should be talking about him) continue to bring him success. Go Vick!!

  2. I swear you took several of these words right out of my mouth. lol In regards to Vick. I think he shouldn't have been allowed back in the NFL. Personally.

    Yes, he did jail time and paid a ton in fees for the dogs rehoming and whatnot, but he organized and participated in the killing of innocent animals. He murdered two of them with his own hands. That, does NOT deserve an entrance BACK into an amazing lifestyle that he couldn't even appreciate the first time around. Murder is murder and even if those dogs couldn't speak up, it's wrong.

    I DO love animals, both as pets and as dinner. Moreso as dinner. lol. But I didn't think what he did was a big deal until I heard about the details of his offense.

    Meh. I'm off my soapbox now.

  3. I agree - he totally deserved jail time for that! You can't just abuse animals and think its okay to get away with it. Please!

    Hahaha @ the Christmas gift rant. I feel you though. This year NONE of us exchanged gifts because we were all too broke. But fortunately, this was a mutual agreement we had come to beforehand.

    Happy New Year!

  4. LOL @ the wanna be thugs in your home town. Too funny. And. umm yea.. he definitely deserves jail time if he committed a crime, celebrity/football player or not. A crime is a crime, right?

    How was your new year?

  5. @MrsTDJ-Guess we will agree to disagree on Michael Vick. Like I said in my post, I feel he got what he deserved. Laws are put in place for reason and for those of us who could care less about them and break them then you have to pay your time and be made an exmaple of.

    @Kiranda-Yea, I had mixed feelings about him being allowed to return to the NFL too. I'm just hoping that he has learned his lesson and has honestly turned over a new leaf. I wish him nothing but the best going forward.

    @Yakini-So, glad you understand my Christmas gift rant. LOL.

    @Alicia-Yes, a crime is a crime regardless of your status in life, age or race. And my New Year was awesome. How about yours?

    @Miss Pancakes-Thanks. Hope the wedding plans are still coming along nicely!!