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Thankful Thursday

Good morning lovelies!!  This Thursday I'm thankful for a wonderful mother who went out and purchased JJ his first pieces of clothing and diaper bag and he's not even close to being out the womb yet.  Yes, my mom is awesome!!  She loaded me down with tons of bibs, cute hats, burp clothes, blankets and onesies while me and Moo visited this past weekend.

While I'm on the subject of visiting with my family, I am thankful that I was able to get my baby shower registry finished too this past weekend.  With the help of my baby sister, I now have almost 13 pages of baby stuff for my family to choose from.  I know that 13 pages seems a bit over the top but I'm having a boy and it's like starting over from scratch since all of Moo's stuff is girly.  I have to get a new crib, new bedding, new clothes, socks, bottles, a breast pump, etc.  I have to admit that about 80% of the items are clothes.

The one thing I learned with Moo is that breastfed babies grow faster than bottle fed babies.  So, put 0-3 month and 3-6 month sized clothing on the registry.  Plus, lots more bibs because it doesn't take long for bibs to get soaked with spit up and drowl.  Also, I have a huge family and need to make sure that everybody has something to pick from.  This way I don't end up with double of things that I only need one of.

As I've mentioned before my husband is the sole provider for our household and am just thankful that he has a job.  Law enforcement is not the safest field to be in because when you're dealing with theives, killers and crazies on the regular it can get pretty dangerous.  However, God has been gracious and not let any harm come to him since he's started his career two years ago. 

And while money is tight, I'm thankful that God is still making it possible for us to make ends meet.  Yesterday, I found myself getting very overwhelmed and stressed about our financial situation.  We have baby number two on the way, need to find a bigger place, need to get a second car, etc and all with just one income.  It's a lot to think about.  But I'm glad that God reminded me that He's always made a way for me and my family.

My mom did a hell of a job making sure that we had everything we needed and she was a single parent with five kids!!  So, I know that we can do it with two.  Plus, I stumbled across an amazing post last night talking about how to make your hobbies a career.  I have all these talents and for the most part I'm pretty much just using them free of charge.  With a little research and knocking on doors, I could turn these talents into a business or at least paying gigs.  Every little bit counts right?

So, even though at this point my ideas are just that-ideas- I'm thankful for what they will become in the future.  I've already starting researching and planning how to set the wheels in motion. 

What is it that you are thankful for in your life?

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  1. Girl, I am thankful for you. Be grateful that your hubs have a job. Mine doesnt and its getting frustrating but thankfully I have a job that can sustain us both. We are grateful still and we know the new year will bring good tidings.

    All the best. Found your blog through Mommy Delicious. Come over and say hi to me at

  2. @WORKING-I am very thankful. I know that this situation is only temporary.

  3. That is awesome - moms are the best.

    So thankful to have gainful employment during these very uncertain economic times. Praise God for that!

  4. @Yakini-Yes, moms are the best!