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More Than a Competition

I have been blogging for almost a year now.  And along this blogging journey I have come in contact with some pretty amazing people.  A few of those people I have even bonded with and established friendships with.  So, today I would like to highlight one of those persons.

Mommy Glow aka Young Fab Mama

I can't be completely sure of the exact date that I stumbled across her blog, but it was sometime Spring 2010.  I was a single mom with a lot on my plate and nobody to whom it seemed could relate to me.  Of course, just about all my other girlfriends had kids, but at the time none of them were single moms at the time.  I hated feeling like I was alone in what I was going through.

Then out of the blue, I saw a comment from Mommy Glow on one of the other blogs that I read regularly.  I can't remember what the comment was but I do remember feeling like 'Hey, she kinda reminds me of me.'  So, I stalked her blog for a week.  And what do you know, she was a young single mom of one too!!  I decided to make contact.  I followed her blog and commented on one of her posts

And guess what?  She commented on one of my posts.  Thus, a blogger friendship began.  Now days, you can catch us tweeting it up on Twitter and posting on each other's walls on Facebook.  At first glance, you might think that we've known each other for years.  However, that is not the case.

The truth is I needed a support team and she didn't hesitate to join.  Well, now it is time for me to return the favor. 

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friend Mommy Glow aka Young Fab Mama is in the running to become the next Mamavation Mom.  Now many of you maybe asking what exactly is a Mamavation Mom?  Well, as Mommy Glow describes it:

"In a nutshell Mamavation is an online sistahood empowering and supporting moms to live a healthy lifestyle.  The 2 chosen Mamavation moms undergo a 7 week boot camp..."  Each mom will have to share their struggles of learning how to live healthier via the Internet for millions of viewers to see.  The ultimate goal is for each mom to motivate other moms into living healthier as well, show them how to overcome obstacles and how to pass on that healthier living lifestyle to their families.

So why does she want to become a Mamavation Mom?  She "juggles being a full time student, employee, community volunteer and single mom."  And if you've read her blog then you would know she's struggled with weight issues, bad eating habits and lack of exercise motivation for some time.  Now she's finally ready to transform her life and give healthy living a try permanently!!  With her beautiful daughter looking up to her as a role model, she is ready to make the change and show her how to live healthy and eat better.  She also wants to undergo the 7 week boot camp to help relieve her sleep apnea.

I for one am very proud of her for just being selected as a finalist.  I mean with all that she already has on her plate, I was and still am impressed at all the hard work she put in to get here.  This is one dedicated mama y'all!!  Being the youngest and only single mom in the final twelve, she is kind of the underdog here.

So, I am asking that you please join me in supporting her and spreading the word about her campaign.  How can you help?  Gee, I'm glad you asked.

1-Watch her video application below to get to know her & why she's running

 2-Cast your vote for @YoungFabMama here

3-Tweet the following:
Vote @YoungFabMama for #Mamavation Mom #TeamYoungFabMama

4-Leave a comment on Mommy Glow letting her know you voted for her and that YUMMommy sent you

Need more motivation or incentive to vote for her?  Check out this post here.  I sincerely hope that you all will join me and help to make her dream come true!!


  1. Ivoted for Mommy Glow. She is indeed Awesome! I met her online as a blogger and she is the nicest person. I hope she wins and meets her goal. She is so determined and passionate.

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