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Happy 2011

Happy 2011! Yes, another year is upon us. I celebrated the New Year snuggled up with my Moo. I told we would both stay awake to at least see the ball drop on tv. However, being in the comforts of our lovely suite here at the Harbour Lights Resort that I feel asleep 10 minutes before midnight.

And today I have been enjoying my family and thinking about how much better this year is going to be. I honestly haven't made any resolutions. I am just determined to take everything to the next level and get rid of all the negatives. I am in such a different place right now in my life. My struggles from last year have taught me what the important things in life are.

I hope that you all enjoyed bringing in the New Year with your loved ones. Did you make any resolutions for 2011? And how did you bring on the New Year?


  1. I ushered in the new year with my son! We made cookies and mocktails. Fun! I have a lot of goals for the year, I posted them on my blog. Best wishes to you this year!

  2. @Laila-Mmm..cookies and mocktails sound so delish!!! Headed to check out the blog.

  3. Nope! No resolutions over here. But I always set goals (not necessarily on New Year's Day though... just as the year goes along). My goals this year are to finish grad school, get a learner permit (I've lived in NYC all my life and never needed to learn how to drive), and just enjoy being the "good enough mother," not perfect, not someone else. Just me.

    Happy New Year to you and Moo!!! Muah!

  4. Hello -
    We stayed home since it was so cold here in Washington. I have decided this year not to make any resolutions because I never do them. This year when I think of something I will just do it. I guess that's my resoluiton huh? I'll be following you... Please follow me as well.

    Tasha @ http://savvychicmommy.blogspot.com

  5. We stayed home with the boys and played games, watched movies, and had snacks:)

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)

  6. I have prayers but their are in God's hands.

    Happy new year!

  7. @Alicia-Yea, my bff is from Philly and she's working on getting her driver's license. That's one of the things I love about living in Charlotte. You don't need cars in the city because you have the bus and the metro and tons of cab companies to pick from. I have faith that you will ace your learner's permit test!

    @Savvy and Chic Mommy-I am completely with you on the whole resolutions thing. Most people never follow through on them and I think that they are a waste of time. Instead, we should set goals like Alicia said and go from there. And thanks for following.

    @Grace Matthews-Games, movies and snacks. Three of my favorite things!!

    @Ms Baby Plan-Yes, prayer can move mountains. I keep a prayer journal throughout the year and write down my worries, problems and people I want to specifically pray for. Happy New Year to you too.