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Going Natural The Ancient Stone Way

Anybody who knows me personally, knows that I'm not a make up wearer.  With my sensitive, dry skin it's hard to find beauty products that won't break me out or give me that caked on look.  So, rather than stress and give myself a headache I just go au natural with the exception of a little lip gloss or lipstick.  However, I've been hearing that all natural mineral make up is all the rave for people with sensitive skin as well as for women of color.

That is my other pet peeve with make up.  Being in the middle of light skin and dark brown it's hard finding regular make up shades to match my skin color.  Let's face it, the face one color and the neck another color look is just hideous.  You will not catch me sporting that.  Anyways, when I heard about this relatively new company Ancient Stone that creates all natural makeup designed specifically with women of all colors in mind, I was down to try it.

Developed by Gloria Webb-Williams and Cathlene Michaels-Brader, Ancient Stone is additive free, filler free, persative free and talc free.  Yay!!  I'm on a new found journey to become more Green and the less chemicals I have to bring into my home the better.  Not to mention, when it comes to skin we should all be very picky about what we just lather on it.  So, instead using chemical dyes, they actually use minerals straight from the ground to color their foundations, blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks.  You can't get more pure and natural that ladies.

Oh, did I mention they also use Titanium Dioxide, a naturally occuring mineral, to block out UV rays.  I know that as much as I stay outside during the warmer months, I can just all the UV protection I can get.  Skin cancer is no joke.

I received my free Ancient Stone make up kit during the Christmas holiday.  It was the perfect time to try it out and see if my family would notice that I was even wearing make up.  More importantly, I wanted to cover up my pregnancy acne that had already started to flare up.

I have to admit, it worked!!  You can't see my pregnancy acne and it doesn't look like I have on make up either.  I just love the natural glow that my face has.  And I've been continuing to use my Ancient Stone make up kit too.  I've been getting tons of compliments about how I have a natural pregnancy glow about my face from passer-bys at the mall and from my family.  I have to tell them that I owe my natural glow to Ancient Stone.

Ladies, I highly recommend this product line to anyone with sensitive skin or to anyone who has been hesitant about trying make up period.  It's great for your skin, doesn't feel or look heavy and works to bring out your natural beauty.  And with their Ancient Elixir Setting Spray you won't have worry about your make up coming off.  It will last throughout day with no reapplications needed.

While you're checking out their make up be sure to pick up a brush set from them too!!   Hope that you will visit Ancient  Stone and join me in going all natural.  For more information on Ancient Stone please visit their website:  Click here

*I did receive a free make up kit to try out and review.  However, that did not in any shape or form affect my opinion of this product.  The views and opinion written are soley my own.*


  1. You ARE glowing mama! You look fabulous. And wowsa... I love you new blog design!

  2. You look awesome :) And so great that you found makeup that works for you! I have such a hard time with shades (I'm Italian...so I have a very olive skin tone.) and my face is dry in certain spots and oily in others. Gotta love pregnancy!

  3. @The Single Mama-Thanks! Yes, pregnancy gives you skin issues you never had before. LOL.

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