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Wishful Wednesday

I'm back with another addition of Wishful Wednesday.  And this Wednesday the only thing on my wish list is SNOW!!!  Yes, you read write, I want snow.  I know some of you are thinking that I'm crazy, but I'm a winter baby and I've been crazy about snow ever since it snowed on my birthday when I was in Pre-K.  I thought it was a good luck sign from God.

Plus, snow is just so beautiful.  It's fun to look at and play in. And if I had a horse and sleigh, I love to bundle up and go on ride down by the country side.  The little bit of snow we did get Sunday night didn't last because it wasn't cold enough the next morning.  However, the weather lady says we'll get a mixture of snow and rain tomorrow and a flurry on Sunday.  Can't wait.

Oh, check out some of these awesome blog hops I am across this morning.  Remember, we only have
10 Days until Christmas!!




  1. Nooooooooo!!! There were flurries up this way yesterday an I almost had a heart attack LOL! I've never been a fan of snow or cold or nasty slush. Though I love looking down a tree lined street after it snows, its beautiful. But I dont wanna get caught in it. No thank you! But it would be dope to have a white christmas

  2. Being that I'm from the Midwest, I don't think Christmas is Christmas without snow so I'm hoping for some too. But only from Dec. 24 until about the 26. Then it can melt away and never come back (until next year of course!) as far as I'm concerned! Lol!

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  4. I'm right there with you on the snow thing! I'm a winter baby too and I got so excited when I saw flurries today!

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  7. i must admit...i do love snow...but moderate amounts...and only if i don't have to drive in it!

  8. @Mommy Glow-LOL. It would be dope to have a white Christmas. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

    @Andrea-Yes, I don't want it to stay for a long time, just long enough to take pictures in it and let Moo make a little snow man.

    @Inspiring You To Save-Thanks for following. Looking forward to checking out your blog for giveaways, coupons and money saving tips!!

    @Shanee-Oh you're my kind of woman. Thrifty shopping is where it's at.

    @Our Funny Little Family-So, glad I'm not the only who gets excited at the first sign of snow!! LOL.

    @Beki-Thanks for following.

    @Mika-Thanks for following as well.

    @April-Thanks for following also. Will check out your blog.

    @Miss Pancakes-Yes, maybe that's part of the reason I love it so much. I don't have to worry about driving in it. I just sit back and enjoy it.