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Things That Make Me Say Hmmm...

So, I think that I'm going to dub Tuesdays Things That Make Me Say Hmmm...Day over here at YUMMommy.  As soon as I can put together a button for it I might start a little linky so that I can read what made others go hmmm...  Anyways, let's get right down it.

1. Kim on RHOA-So, I was getting my fix of the Real Housewives of Atlanta yesterday because I missed most of it on Sunday.  (I caught up in my bday celebrations.)  Anyways, when I saw how Kim was getting all defensive about the infamous friend contract that Cynthia had wrote for Nene, I was thinking're trying to be protective of the same Nene that you claim choked the hell out of you last season?  Like don't you need be getting someone to protect you from her?  And from the teasers they've been airing Nene is going to attempt to choke her out againnnn  this season.

Then, when Kim lied and said she didn't run around talking about Phaedra's husband being a convict, I was like hmmm... do you not know this show is recorded and played on national tv for millions of viewers to see?  You did actually address the fact that Phaedra's husband was a convict.  Now how long you talked about it and to whom all you told we can't be actually clear.  And furthermore, why was Kim upset that Phaedra confronted her about talking about her baby and her pregnancy when she did in fact do it?  Craziness!!!

2. Nene & Peter's Relationship on RHOA-I saying hmmm...from beginning because Nene seemed so taken with Peter.  It's like time she met him, she was telling the man that she loved him and joking about stealing him from Cynthia.  Now that she and Greg are on the rocks and it looks like Peter is going to call off the wedding, I'm wondering if there is more to their relationship than what is being played out camera.  Many people speculated that Nene and Peter have been secretly seeing each other.

I can never confirm or deny that because I don't either them in real life.  However, I can say that I would have to check Nene if she was that flirtatious with my husband.  There's just certain lines you don't cross in friendship and hitting on my man is one of them.  But I'm going to keep watching and we'll see what happens.

3. Food Network-I love watching Down Home with the Neelys, but this week I found myself wondering hmmm...should I really let Moo watch this show with me.  Pat and Jeana are really lovey dovey and have made more than a few sexual related comments on their show.  Sometimes, I feel like I should be watching with my hands over my eyes. However, I've decided that the show is great and perfectly healthy.  They are the perfect display of what Black Love should be and we need more shows portraying us in a positive light.

Plus, Moo likes Jeana's pigs.  I think we're going to get our own collection of cows once we move into our forever home.  So, I'll be tuning in to the Neelys everyday to get more of their awesome recipes.

4. My Hubby-So, the hubby got me the new Sprint Evo for my birthday.  He has a matching Evo in all black and was trying to help me get mine set up and pimped out with all sorts of apps.  Now, a few days ago I was telling him about Skype and how me and my bff were going to use to talk about wedding stuff since I can't be in Philly to help her make all her wedding plans.  He claimed to know nothing about how applications like Skype worked.

In the back of my mind, I'm thinking hmmm...yea right buddy.  He stays up to date on all the latest stuff involving computers, phones and electronics.  So, we're tricking my phone out when he starts telling me about this Tango app which is just like Skype but with a different name.  Hmmm...I thought you didn't know how to work this?  And what do you know he already one other Tango friend besides me. 

I'm not saying he's using Tango to cheat because I know that's what's crossing some minds right about now.  However, what I am saying is that he didn't have to pretend not to know how these apps worked.  We've been together almost seven years and I'm not the least bit concerned about him having Internet affairs.  Our relationship is in a secure place and I want him to feel comfortable talking to and being to me about who he's Tango-ing.

So, what has made you say hmmm...since last Tuesday?  Only 4 more days to go until Christmas!!!


  1. Peter and Nene have definitely got some inappropriate ish going on. During their "makeup" last week, she said something like "growing up together", so they know each other from way back. I'd be real curious and really uncomfortable with their interactions.

    I absolutely HATE watching the Neelys. Sucks because I think some of their recipes are good, but they are soooooo over the top with their "pass the sugar baby", "ok, but nothings sweeter than you", etc. I can't take it!

  2. @mrstdj-LOL. Yes, the Neelys are very over the top when it comes to their displays of affection. And I can't wait to see how this things with Nene and Peter plays out.

  3. Yeah I think Kim has totally lost perspective on her and NeNe's relationship. But I guess broken fences can be mended so I hope that it works for them this time.

    The Neely's are a little over the top and I am not the hugest fan of their show, although I can bear it. But I will say that as hard as I have tried, I haven't heard them say anything that can be misconstrued as a sexual innuendo. Not saying they haven't, I just haven't seen it. But yeah they are too sugar sweet for me.

  4. @K. Rock-Hmmm...I'm not sure if I would have mended a fence with someone who choked me out. Putting your hands on me just crosses the line of no return and unfortunately it didn't work out for them this time. Kim & Nene have both already confirmed that their friendship is over for good this time. I'm just ready to see what they fall out over this time. It's suppose to play out in the next couple of episodes that start after the New Year.