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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is back.  Yes, I know it has been a while since I've done a Thankful Thursday post, but I'm going to make a renewed effort in posting one every Thursday from here on out.  I'm also in the process of designing a Thankful Thursday button.  My hope is to start a Thankful Thursday blog hop.  I truly believe that when you take the time out to see all the things you have to be thankful for, it takes your mind off the negatives in your life.

So, this Thursday, I am thankful for a renewed outlook on my life.  If you've been following along with the posts then you'd know that I have had a lot going on this year.  I started off as a single mom, lost a few loved ones, got back together with the love of life, fell out with my mom for a while, got married and now I'm pregnant with my second child and hunting for my dream house.  It just all took its toll on me.  I kind of lost focus of my dreams, goals and even the importance of somethings.

And rather than really deal with it, I felt better sweeping it all under a rug.  I fell into a state of self-pity.  Poor me-pregnant and trying to find a perfect house that probably doesn't exist.  I had fallen off with writing on this blog even and that was the last straw.  I locked myself in the bathroom and took a long hard look in our bathroom mirror.  I hated what I saw.

I looked defeated and worn.  And my friends can tell you that I'm always fab.  They have never seen me with a bad anything day.  But somehow I had let myself go and honestly I don't know how it happened.  But I do know that looking in the mirror and seeing what was looking back at me was enough to light a fire under me.

I started back writing my blog, started taking more pride in my appearance (I'm a fashion major after all) and just taking the time to think about what I want from my life.  Then a week ago I stumbled across Your Best Life Now For Moms by Joel Olsteen.  My mom had given me the book the Christmas Moo was born.  And somehow I had misplaced it in my sea of boxes from my move.

I started reading it again and came up a devotation in which Joel just put in plain words-get up off my butt and take control of my life.  How was I ever going to become this great, inspirational mogul sitting around pouting?  I wouldn't.  So,  I've renewed my outlook on my life.  I'm taking the needed steps to make things happen.  I always thought sponsors and readers would flock to my blog, but the truth is if I don't go to them they won't even know I exist.

I'm serious about writing and about touching others through my writing.  I'm back to working on my children's book series and am looking into getting back into school once my second baby is here.  I know it's a huge task to take on but I see my other mommy blogger friends and real life bff doing it. So, I don't have any excuse.  I'm getting dolled up just to go to the grocery store (for now because that's as far as my morning sickness will allow me to go).

I've even joined a few groups on in hopes that my morning sickness will get under control and I'll be able to get my social life back on track.  I've even started planning to take trips to visit my friends. I'm discovering that I want to own my own restaurant someday.  I love cooking (bet you didn't know that).  I feel like a Black Paula Deen and Julia Child.  I'm getting my act together and taking my life by horns and you should too.

Take the time to figure out what you want from life at this stage.  Sure you know what you wanted five years ago but you're older, wiser and priorities change.  Don't get stuck in a rut like I did.  Expand your outlook on your life and chase after your destiny!!

16 More Days Til Christmas!!!

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  1. I love this! Thank goodness for a renewed outlook on life. You know what you want so as long as you stick to your goals, you'll get there. Today I'm thankful for my mental health and sanity.

  2. @Alicia-Mental health and sanity are very good things to be thankful for because as moms we come very close to losing both at times. When you become a parent you begin to realize all the simple things you took granted before!

  3. I love the renewed sense of self. We always have to check in with ourselves and what is working and whats not!

    Great post!


  4. This is a great uplifting post. I think every December around this time I take inventory of myself what I like, what I want to change, etc. Good to know others are evaluating their lives too. Good job.

  5. Good for you! It's reassuring to me that other people struggle with feeling positive and motivated. it just seems to come naturally to some people and for others of us, it's an ongoing struggle. I recently started putting more of an effort into my appearance, too & it's really helped me feel better about myself!

  6. @Ro-I'm making it a priority to ask myself what's working and what's not working every couple of months to make sure that I stay on track.

    @Princess Zaria-Thanks.

    @Mom2Miles-Yes, it's always reassuring to know that we are not alone. And it's amazing how some times it's the simple things that we improve that will help us feel better about ourselves and give us that extra pep in our step. Love your blog by the way.