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Our Christmas Recap

Happy Holidays!  I hope that everyone has a blessed and very merry Christmas this past weekend.  Moo and I have been enjoying some time with the family these last few days.  It feels great to be surrounded by my siblings, my mom and extended family members.  Anyways, our Christmas was fantastic even though it did get a little rocky midway Christmas day.

Christmas morning, I actually had to wake Moo up to open her gifts.  Out of all the mornings to get up early she  decided to not make Christmas morning one of them. LOL.  I was so sure that she would be the first one up because she enjoyed poking holes and unwrapping the gifts under the tree all these past weeks.  Once up she had a blast ripping off the wrapping paper and seeing her gifts.
Her favorite by far was her Leap Frog laptop.  She is forever trying to type or dig with mine.  Now we can sit on the couch together and work.  Of course, she'll be working on learning the rest of her colors, shapes and alphabet while I work on establishing and expanding YUMMommy into a brand.  I'm really happy that all her toys have an educational/learning feature to them.  I believe that kids learn better through playing when they are this age.

Plus, I'm teaching her that learning can be fun.  I want her to develop a passion for education while she's still not in school.  Waiting until she starts school to get her interested in learning would be a great disservice for her.  It would also be a bit irresponsible on my behalf as her parent.
Things were going smoothly until the hubs and I got into a blow out over a situation we'd already discussed.  So, he ended up skipping the trip down to my mom's house.  Of course, I was sad and a little disappointed about it but to be honest I didn't really care.  I was determined to have a great Christmas and Moo was going to have a great Christmas too.  And we did!!

Although, it would have been nice to have him here to see Moo open her gifts, have dinner with us and cart our gifts back to our house; it didn't put a damper on anyone's mood that he didn't come.  I'm learning that I can't make a grown person put aside their craziness and enjoy the important things in life.  He chose to miss out on this day.  I apologized for flying off the handle like I did (one of us should have kept our cool) but he wasn't trying to hear it.  
Moving on, I spent the rest of the my Christmas laughing and dining with my loved ones.  I took well over a hundred photos of everyone opening gifts, Moo playing with my niece and us having a great time in the snow!!  I was excited that I got some awesome appliances to add to my kitchen.  I'm really starting to up my cooking game and experiment with different recipes.

In fact, you all can look forward to some future cooking posts in 2011.  The day after Christmas we woke up to find the yard and cars all covered in a blanket of snow!!  I got my White Christmas Winter Wonderland after all.  Moo had a great time making snow angels and throwing snow balls.  Hard to believe how much she has grown up on me.
And yesterday, our snow started to melt and the roads cleared up enough for us to venture out and collect as well as deliver the rest of our gifts to my aunts.  They love seeing Moo and are super excited about soon having a new addition to the family.  After we chilled out with them for a while, headed back out to do some shopping.  We ended up almost finishing our shopping for Christmas 2011!!  Yes, we think ahead here.

Anyways, what was the best part of your Christmas weekend?  And did you remember to upload some holiday pics to our Facebook page?


  1. Sorry to hear that your husband wasn't apart of Christmas dinner. Sucks. But at least Moo had a great time and you remained focused on making sure she had a memorable Christmas. How precious is that picture? Love it!

  2. @Alicia-Thanks. She has been having a blast here at Grandma's. Getting spoiled even more rotten.