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Holiday Shopping Deals

Thankfully, I learned from my mom years ago to start Christmas shopping early.  Also, being a Fashion Merchandising major, I know that getting caught up in Black Friday madness is just a big hoax.  The reality is that the closer you get to Christmas the lower you will see prices drop.  Why?  Well, stores have to get ready for Spring.  They have to unpack all their Spring merchandise that is stored in the back and put it on the floor.

And in order for them to put it on the floor, they have to make room for it which results in extreme discounts.  However, even with all my early shopping, I'm still not completely done with all my shopping.  Some people in my family are harder to shop for than others and that's where the Internet comes in.  Not only are there more discounts and cheaper prices online, but many sites are offering FREE shipping to increase sales.  Check out some of the discounts I found online.


Rocawear (eFashion Solutions)

300x250 free shipping over $89
Gift Finds Under $50

Designer Footwear for Girls - Get 10% off + Free Shipping by entering coupon code: pastry-fall1. Expires 12/15/10

Holiday Sale at

Happy Holidays!!!

19 Days Until Christmas


  1. So maybe my shopping procrastination will actually work to my benefit? Lol. I gotta get on the ball, once my semester ends next weekend, I'll have more time to focus on shopping! Thanks for the deals!

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  3. Thanks for sharing that tidbit..I will be waiting before making my clothing purchases for the kids.

  4. You're welcome ladies. I will be taking advantage of the real sales and stocking up on some winter clothes for Moo to wear next year!!