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God is Santa

It's 18 more days until Christmas Day is here!!  Thus, there has been a lot of chatter on Facebook, Twitter and blogs about what to tell kids about Santa Claus.  Well, I just want to let it be known that I have no intentions on lying to my Moo and future son/daughter.  Call me the Grinch who stole Christmas, but I've never lied to Moo and I don't want to start by lying about something so commercialized as Santa Claus.

My reason for not doing this is simple and comes from my experience on how I learned the hard way that the commercialized Santa at the mall and on tv wasn't real.  I was in the first grade (I think) and I wrote the longest wishlist to Santa ever.  After all good children got everything on their list or at least that's how the lie goes.  And I was a poster child for good behavior. (Ask my mama).  I just didn't see the sense in not doing what you were told.  Really not doing what you were told in my household resulted in a visit from the 'Board of Education' as my parents so nicknamed their paddle.

I wasn't one for pain and certainly was not going to do anything on purpose to casue myself any.  So, my spankings could probably be counted on one hand.  And for those who are probably wrinkling their noses in disgust, no I don't feel like my parents abused me.  And no I don't have any emotional scars from getting spanked.  Save that debate for your own blog!

Anyways, I mailed my letter to the address for Santa that had been published in our local newspaper.  Now weeks before my older sister and cousins tried to tell me Santa wasn't who I thought he was-the white man in the velvet red suit with a belly that didn't always shake like a bowl full of jelly, but I ignored them.  My mom said I would learn the truth one way or another soon enough.  And she was right.

Christmas morning came and I was so disappointed and heartbroken.  Santa hadn't gottem me any of the things on my list!  Now the gifts I got where great and some where even better than what I had asked for.  But the fact remained that they weren't the ones on my list.  I quickly pointed out that Santa must have gotten our house missed up with someone else's and that he would surely be back to bring me my gifts.

Realizing it was time to put me out of my misery, my mom finally took me aside.  She broke it down to me like this:

1-Santa is real. (I knew it!!)

2-His name is God.  (Huh?)

3-God blesses your father and I with the money to buy you and your siblings gifts.  (So, ultimately parents are Santa too.)

4-The reason you didn't anything on your list is because you refused to show it to me or talk about it. You were so caught up in thinking the Santa from the mall was going to get you everything you wanted.

The next year, I didn't make the mistake of writing to the fake Santa.  I still wrote a letter that said Dear Santa, but I handed it to my mom instead with the understanding that I would get three things off it and the rest of my gifts would be a surprise.  That Christmas I was much more happier and thankful.  We still took pictures with the town Santa, but I realized those were just for entertainment and momento purposes.

I intent to teach Moo the truth about Santa.  Her father and I are santas blessed by the head Santa (God) to be able to give her gifts.  I don't want her spirits broken one Christmas like mine where.  There aren't many heartaches that I'll get to protect her from, but this is one of them that I can.  Plus, she won't have unrealistic expectations.  The gifts she receives will mean that much more to her knowing that her father and I put lots of thought and worked hard to get them for her.  But yes we'll still do the Santa photos to adorn our family Christmas cards and the tables at Grandma's house.

This is just how I plan on doing it.  I'm in no way suggesting you do the same.  And no I don't knock those who do the commercialized Santa.  To each his/her own.

Happy Holidays!!


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  3. I love your parents' explanation and I think that's a great way to explain it, but I agree it's definitely to each his own. I personally never got the chance to believe in Santa and to be honest, I feel a little jipped! Lol! My parents told us from the beginning because my mom said she wanted us to understand that Christmas is about God, not Santa. While, I understand that and agree with her, for me, I think belief in Santa is a fun and innocent part of childhood and it's an experience I plan to let my future kids have.It's funny because my boyfriend and I actually had this conversation just the other day about if we will let our future kids believe in Santa, and we both agreed that we absolutely will, but we will tie in the story of Santa's gift giving to the Wise Men bringing Baby Jesus gifts so they understand the true meaning, while still getting to have that child-like excitement about Santa coming!

  4. @Andrea-I think that it's great you guys are finding a way to tie in the true meaning of Christmas. At the end of the that's what it's all about and like you said you felt jipped from not having the opportunity to believe Santa.

  5. "Save that debate for your own blog" -- Gangsta! LOL. I do think that it is important to teach our children the true meaning of Christmas and the Holiday season, especially with all the commercialization and things going on (it can be super easy to loose sight of what's important)

  6. @Alicia-LOL. You know when you mention the word 'spanking' it sparks this huge debate about whether it's an apprepriate form of discipline or if it's child abuse and I just didn't want ppl losing sight of the real topic of my post. I believe to each his/her own. And you're right it is very easy to loose sight of the important things.