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Well, it's week three of me and Moo being at Grandma's house and I'm finally getting a little bit homesick.  Don't get me wrong we have had a wonderful time chilling out, laughing and traveling with the family, but I miss my hubby and my own space.   And to make the situation worse, my treo decided to up and die on me.  Ok so it's not dead in the sense that it won't come on because it will.  However, it cuts itself right back off and none of my buttons work.

And if you know me personally then you know that I'm always on my treo.  That thing was my lifeline to my distant friends and relatives.  Not to mention how I stayed connected to Twitter and Facebook throughout the day.  After all it's just not possible for me to stay glued to the computer all day with a busy almost 2 year old. I'm not going to complain too much though because I've already told Santa that I'd like a new phone for Christmas.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this weekend when I will reunite with the hubby and my stuff until Christmas week.  Hope that everyone had a blessed weekend and will have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.  Let's not forget the things we have to be truly thankful for.  And for those of you looking for some Black Friday sales, stay tuned because I will be posting some sales codes from my sponsors that you can use online instead of rushing to the stores.

And don't forget that I am still looking for sponsors to help YUMMommy donate to the Sponsor-A-Child charity mission going on at the Wallace Family Life Center.  They have roughly 45 families who are in need this year.  If you would like to adopt a child, family or even just send a Visa gift card contact me and let me know.  This is a great opportunity to help get your brand out their as an article and list of all businesses and brands and individuals will be published in the local newspaper.  I will also highlight those brands that assist YUMMommy in donating to this great cause in blog post after December 19th.

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  1. Sending some well wishes your way...hadn't checked out your blog in a while..hope you get home to hubby soon!