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Us Plus Two

I know that as of late, I have been really slacking on posting to my blog this month.  It's not that I've fallen out of love with it or anything like that.  It's just that I've been trying to wrap my head around some news I found out recently.  If you follow my personal Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, then you probably I already know that I recently found I out I am preggers with baby numero dos!!!

When I first found out I wasn't sure how I felt.  I've mentioned on here a few times that if I did have a second baby it should be four years from now.  Having two small children to care for pretty 24/7 has always been a scary thing for me.  Moo keeps me busy enough for two kids now.  So, how will coop with a two year old and newborn next June?  It's alot to prepare for mentally and emotionally.

A part me feels like I've robbed Moo of being the baby.  Even though she has been pasted the baby stage physically is now considered a toddler, still she was my baby and the baby of our family.  She's so used to being the center of everyone's attention-mine, Mimi (aka Grandma), her aunts and uncle, etc.  I just hope that she's able to adjust and doesn't look at the baby as a threat.  It can happen because as over joyed as my niece was to have Moo in the family, she was really jealous of all the attention Moo got.

And even now that they are both older, she still can't stand when Moo gets more attention than her.  She whines, she pouts, she screams and she's even been know to lash out physically at Moo.  However, she is very protective of Moo when it comes to other people including family members.  I just don't want Moo experience any type of jealousy or resentment for her new brother or sister.  (I think it's going to be a girl because girls are dominate in my family.)

Next on my list of worries is money.  Babies are expensive!!  We were able to save money of formula because I chose to breastfeed Moo.  My hubs wasn't super stoked about my chose because he was of course thinking about himself, but by the time she got here and he saw how much cribs, diapers and clothes cost.  Plus, he educated himself on how much more healthier breastfed babies turn out.  He's been very supportive since.

I'm just wondering how we're going to afford baby numero dos.  I mean there's maternity insurance to get which costs like an arm and a leg almost.  We have another crib, set of bedding, clothes, etc. to buy.   Not to mention that we have to find another place because this duplex is just not big enough to house all the extra baby stuff we'll have.  So, we've decided to buy a home and that in itself is very stressful.  With the house market in the shape that it's in we've decided that maybe getting a custom build home or modular home is best for us.

I already own an acre and some change of land.  So, rather than let it continue to sit and go to waste we're going to build our home on it.  With the custom homes we've looked at, it won't take forever to build because the frames come prebuilt like off of Extreme Homes.  And since I only have 7 months to go, we have to decide pretty fast what we want.

On top of all of that, we just got a new car like three weeks ago.  So, I'm just like past worried about how tight our money is going to be.  But I'm still overjoyed that I am able to bring another life into this world.  Life is precious and should be cherished not regretted or resented.  I'm convinced that this will all work out and is part of God's plan for our lives.


  1. And the blessings just keep rolling in for you... CONGRATULATIONS love! It is a big change and the money is a big issue, but you and your husband will figure it out for your family's sake. xoxox.

  2. Congrats..but you already know I am happy for you. Pray, God will take care of the rest!!

  3. Well first I will say congrats on the baby. I defintely know the feeling of having t babies fairly close together(mine are 19 months apart) an I did feel like you as far as robbing the little one of it's baby-dom. But it is definitely doable. It just takes a lot of balance. Since you know it's coming just budget accordingly and the money issue will fall into place. And building a home sounds like fun!

  4. @SweetAl-Yes, it does seem like the blessings keep rolling. I'm truly thankful for how everything is working out.

    @Mimi-Thanks. I am remembering to pray the answer and not the problem. I'm sure that God would not have given us this blessing if He didn't have a plan.

    @K.Rock-Thank you. Although, having two young kids will be a handful, I'm certainly looking forward to it. And yes, building our first house is fun and it's really exciting!! I'm happy that our kids will have a permanent place to grow up and build memories.

  5. Wow - so many exciting changes for your family! Congratulations on the new baby, and good luck with the house!