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Jersey Girls Reunion

So, the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 2 was just as explosive as Part 1.  After watching the show, I do believe that those rumors of Danielle not being asked back for Season 3 are false.  I mean that's why most people watch the show in the first place.  They want to see the Danielle drama continue to unfold.

Plus, Bravo wouldn't miss the chance to follow Danielle's journey of trying to find her biological mother and maybe even her father.  I mean that would draw in a whole another target audience too.  I'm curious to see how that will play out as well.  And with the way the Reunion Show ended it sounds like Jacqueline and Danielle might re-establish their friendship.  I can't say the same for her and Teresa though.  Not to mention Danielle has pretty much come out of the closet about her current sexuality.

What I didn't like about the Reunion shows was that Danielle kept walking off. It wasted valuable time that could have been used answer more Twitter questions or something.  I didn't like Kim G acting like she was a victim either.  Seriously, I think she just wanted to expand her 15 minutes of fame by starting with Teresa.  She knows she was two faced and what's up with her obssession of having lunch with Carolyn?  Can she let that go already?!!

I thought Teresa was lying when she said that she was trying to be nice and say hi to Danielle at that fashion show.  Let's keep it real please!!  She knew it was going to cause drama.  After all you were talking trash about the woman before, during and after the fashion show.  Not to mention Jacqueline tried to tell her it wasn't going to go well.

And while I like Carolyn, she came off as a hypocrite.  She claims she doesn't control her family, but I don't buy that for a minute.  She kept telling Danielle to own up who she was but refused to own up to being the puppet master of her family.  I do think that Carolyn played a major role in the destruction of Teresa, Jacqueline and Danielle's friendship.

We saw last season how Jacqueline got chewed out for taking up for Danielle.  Carolyn blamed her for causing a rift between her and her baby brother who's married to Jacqueline.  Of course that must have put Jacqueline between a few rocks and a very hard place.  Her friendship caused a sibling tiff.  I can only imagine how she got fussed out or pressured to cut Danielle out of her life.  And wasn't it Carolyn who admitted to having uncovered the book about Danielle and showing it at the salon as well as showing it Jacqueline and Teresa?

We saw the other night that when Jacqueline felt remorse for how far things had sucken with Danielle, Carolyn did not allow it.  It's hard for all parties involved when it comes to Danielle.  Jacqueline always has to decide between having a friend and being welcomed by her in-laws instead of being outcasted.  And it's wrong for them to make her choose.  She's a grown ass woman and should be able to make her own choices without fear of backlash.

I also just want to get to the bottom of whether Teresa's house is in foreclosure or not.  I've read that there are proper legal documents saying that it is.  However, she keeps saying that it isn't.  I know they showed her paying for all her furniture in cash last season so I'm pretty sure they own all of that out right, but I doubt they had five million laying around to pay for their house in cash.  Logical thought leads me to believe that if they mortaged the house and are bankrupt then that would mean they are behind on everything.

The look on Jacqueline's face when she said no made me believe she might have been lying.  After all she and Joe are claiming that they went bankrupt because of investment properties and she told Danielle during that heated fashion show throw down that their house was an investment property.  So, I'm totally confused on how your investment properties are in foreclosure but your house isn't included?

Moving on, I'm really glad that Danielle tried to close the show on a positive note.  I just hope that she wasn't trying to be phony and that she finds true friends and sticks to moving past her beef with the Manzo family.  She's raised two beautiful and well mannered daughters.  Therefore, I have to assume that she's doing something right.  Although, Jacqueline said the girls are miserable at school, I've heard quite the opposite.  I heard that what you see on camera is how they really are off camera.

Oh well, you can never expect to get the whole truth when it comes to these reality shows.  While they claim none of it is rehearsed, when it comes to that reunion all the ladies have had weeks to sit down and decide what they want to say and how they want to act.  Thus it becomes scripted reality for a little bit.  Looking forward to the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiere.


  1. I think there home is in foreclosure..think about it, if there isn't enough money to go around you would definately make sure to pay the bills on the one you lay your head under!! I think they probably filed Chapter 11 which allowed them to keep their home.

    I love Caroline, she is my favorite, when she told Danielle, "you look like a clown and your whole life is a joke" my stomach was hurting so bad from me laughing. Yes, I believe Danielle will be back, she needs the money!!

  2. @Mimi-LOL. Yes, she has the funniest comebacks by far. I too believe Danielle will be back. Still haven't heard that her song that everybody is talking about though. They say she can really sing. So, I think we will see some of that on Season 3 too.

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  6. great wrap up of the show! So on board with you. It's like a train wreck you can't walk away from. PS - great blog!

  7. I LOVE the housewives series! I'm not really feeling DC right now. They seem so uptight.
    Can't wait for Atlanta to start.

  8. @Inspirations-It is a train wreck that I'm sure will continue into season three.

    @Darcel-I'm not feeling the DC either. It's not that it doesn't have drama, but they just all seem kind of fake and not interesting with the exception of Stacey and Jason. LOl. I'm still trying to figure out what Jason is going to use his invention for. And I too am looking forward to seeing what goes down on Atlanta. I hear Kim is going to come out of the closet!!