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Yellow Submarine

So, I'm totally obsessed with Maclaren strollers in case you all didn't know.  My obsession started when I saw their Techno XT in an issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine.  It was the beginning of my love affair with this totally line of high end but functional stroller company.  Most people window shop for clothes, cars and jewelry.  Well, I enjoy window shopping for Maclaren strollers.  I'm still waiting on the day when I can afford one of my dream strollers and hopefully Moo won't be too big to ride in it.

Anyways, you can imagine my excitement and glee when I discoverd that The Beatles chose Maclaren to help bring their Yellow Submarine to life in the form of a totally awesome looking buggy.

For those of you who don't know the Yellow Submarine was an animated film based on music by The Beatles.  Pepperland, a musical paradise under the ocean, falls under a sneak attack from Blue Meanies.   Blue Meanies hate all things music and decide to seal the band in a music proof bubble while turning Pepperland residents into statues and sucking away all of Pepperland's color.  Thus it's up to Lord Mayor and sailor Old Fred to find the Yellow Submarine to save Pepperland.  The Yellow Submarine is manned and operated by none other than Ringo, John, Paul and George-The Beatles.  And thus the quest to rescue Pepperland begins.

Maclaren has created a buggy that evokes 'the timeless appeal of The Beatles for a new generation of Fab Four fans' and  is 'styled to reflect the iconic artwork and feel of The Beatles Yellow Submarine.'

"The Beatles came to Maclaren because they were convinced our design aesthetic would create the perfect embodiment of their vision," Carolyn Komminsk, Head Designer for Maclaren said. "We look forward to using this addition to our product line to reach a new generation of parents and children."

About the Yellow Submarine Buggy
It combines Maclaren's Gold Standard safery features like a 5-point safety harness, lockable front swivel wheels and linked parking brakes with incredible detailing and artwork such as the sunny yellow seat, contrasting denim hood, psychedelic print and more.  It also comes with a handy mesh shopping basket, raincover and a one handed compact umbrella fold with carry strap and handle.  The Yellow Submarine Buggy is appropriate for babies three months to children 55 lbs (25kg).


  1. I love Maclaren too. I saved up for one and bought a grey and pink one when my daughter was 6 months and it was the best investment! Its still going strong now and shes almost 6!! I heart Maclaren! And how freaking cute is the yellow one!!! Love it!

  2. You know I had never heard of a Maclaren stroller until I moved to Charlotte. My sister introduced me to them actually. She occasionally works in the nursery at a church in Myers Park, so--as I'm sure you can imagine--Maclaren city!! Since I've discovered them, I've always said that along with my Range Rover ;), a Maclaren stroller when I'm a mom will be my other status symbol that let's me know I've "made it!" Lol!

  3. @Mommy Glow-Yes, the Yellow Submarine is so cute!! I'm dying to get my hands on one for Moo!

    @Andrea-Maclarens are certainly status symbols. They are the best strollers out there. Seen a few being pushed around SouthPark.

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