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My Weekend WrapUp

Well, I didn't get much wedding planning done this weekend like I'd hoped to. Instead, I spent Saturday riding back to my home town for a surprise 21st birthday party for my little brother.  I feel so old because it seems like it took forever for him to turn 21 and he's about to graduate from college with his bachelor degree.  Anyways, he really enjoyed his party and the rest of the family was totally surprised when we walked in.  They had no idea we were coming.

I'm really glad that I went because I was in seafood heaven.  I mean we had crab legs, fried shrimp, fried fish, corn on the cob and spuds.  There was no shortage of sugar either between the cheesecake, cupcakes and the Paula Dean Flaky Butter Cake that I had on the way down.  We just had a really lovely time celebrating such a wonderful event.

It felt good to be back home and hanging out with my family.  It's been almost a month since I've moved and about three weeks since I was last home to visit.  They really enjoyed seeing Moo and how much she's grown.  Yes, it's amazing how much people change in so little time.  My niece looked so much more grown up and she's reading on her now!!!  Shocker because she just started kindergarten only two weeks ago.

I'm glad that some of the tension between my mom and I has eased.  I still don't think that she's 100% ok with my choice to be back with Jay, but she's learning to accept that it is what it is.  This is my life and I'm living it the best way I know how to live it for me and my family.  I can't keep trying to please everybody else because I only end up not pleasing myself and I'm tired of putting myself last.

Sunday was just a very laid back day.  I still haven't located a church for us to attend up here.  I feel kind of bad because  I really enjoy going to church and I want to make sure that Moo is developing spiritually as well.  So, I will certainly be scouting out a few places.  I'm actually leaning towards joining the church across from the college I went to.  I really enjoyed the services when I was staying on campus. 

The congregation is very nice and the pastor seemed very friendly and knew all his members personally even though there's like 200 of them not including all the kids.  Now that's true dedication right there.  I'm sure that I know 200 people personally but imagine if all those 200 people had kids and some even have grandkids and great grandkids.  It's crazy, but goes to show that not all preachers are in it for the money.  It's nice to see that preachers are taking the time to connect with their flock.

I'm hoping that this church will be the right fit for us.  If it isn't then I guess we'll just keep trying until we find the right one.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good weekend!

    Yes girl, you HAVE to start putting yourself first with some things because you need to be happy and functioning well to be a good mommy to your little Moo.

    Good luck on finding a new church home. I know how stressful it could be to try to find a spritual home. Keep us posted!

  2. @SweetAl-Yes, it was a pretty good weekend and I'm learning to put myself first without feeling guilty about it. I'm a lot more patient and understanding with Moo and people in general now days. And I will keep you guys posted on our hunt for a new church.

  3. I'm a new follower and couldn't help but chime in. Finding a new church is such a task, we are in the same position now. I hope you find one soon. I looked at your profile and it said Queen City, is that Charlotte? If so I lived there a few years back and went to University Park and loved it..not sure if you tried there yet!

  4. @Mimi-Thanks for following. And yes the Queen City is Charlotte. Love it here. And no I haven't tried University Park, but I will. Thanks for the suggestion. Hope that you all will find a great fit too.