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My Weekend WrapUp

It's official, I'm getting married!!!!  Jay and I finally set a date (and a backup date) and have started wedding planning.  This year has been one of many changes for sure.  I've been a single mom, lost several loved ones, made new friends and more.  Life for me and Moo has been anything but dull.  And I'm looking forward to my happy ending.

So, the top picture looks better than the picture my phone would take but I absolutely love my ring.  It's by Helzberg Diamonds.  14k white gold with 2.50 carats of diamonds.  The center diamond is a princess cut surrounded by tampered baguettes and then there are two rows of round diamonds running along each side.  Doesn't it look like a present with a bow on top?

Anyways, Saturday we decided to jump start the wedding plans by heading out to look at bridesmaids dresses, tuxes and even a dress for me to wear at the reception.  Jay was a little sad that I wouldn't let him pick out my wedding dress. While I'm not all about tradition when it comes to weddings him not knowing exactly what my dress looks like is one of the traditions that I am going to keep.  Besides I've asked for his feedback as far what he likes and doesn't like and have sketched out my dream dress.  Now the hunt begins for a dress maker who can bring this vision to life.

I'm kind of worried about my sketch to too many people because I don't want anyone stealing my one of a kind idea.  I really want this design to just be worn by me.  However, as a fashion merchandising student I've learned that there really isn't any such thing as one of a kind anymore when it comes to fashion.  Designers recycle and try to put new spins on old ideas all the time.  So, I'm going to do my research and enlist the help of my fashion contacts to find a dress maker who won't duplicate my dress for another bride in the future.

Another concern that I had about my dresss was cost, but since Jay has agreed to foot the cost for the ceremony, reception and my dress I can relax a little bit.  I'll be in charge of decor, catering and entertainment.  And since I design stationary, I've already created our Save the Dates and wedding program.  Still waiting on some inspiration for the invitations.   The invitations have to be absolutely fab.  I want ribbon, bling, glitz and glamour.

Starting to sound like an episode of Platinum Weddings. I am just bursting with excitement that the big day is finally coming.  I've been waiting years for this and it's finally happening.  I've even gone ahead and started registering all the different stores.  But enough about the wedding.  There will be more details to come as the Big Day draws near.

Sunday was just a really relaxing day of sleeping in, watching a little Joel Olsteem and a taking a drive to Larinburg.  It felt good to have a lazy Sunday with my little family.  And Jay even cooked. My week has gotten off to a great start and I hope that you all as great of a weekend as I did.  Be blessed this week!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I'm so happy for you!

  2. @Kia-Thanks fam. Save the Dates and invitations to come.

  3. That is absolutely wonderful news!!! CONGRATULATIONS lady... you deserve that happy ending.

    PS: The ring... wowsa! It's to die for! Love it!

  4. @SweetAL-I am absolutely taken with my ring. Love, love, love it!!

  5. Ok, I am waayy late, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!