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My Weekend WrapUp

Wow, this weekend was a long one for sure. Saturday was Moving Day!!!  Yes, Moo and I are back in the city-the Queen City that is.  I'm very excited because she was born here and I love it here.  Feels like I'm finally home again.  Anyways, I never knew that we had so much stuff.  It's amazing how many belonging Moo has aquired and she's not even two yet!!  There will be some serious cutting back.

Thankfully, I didn't have to do any of the actual physical moving. That job went to my lovely fiance, Jay.  (Thanks babe.)  He was such a gentleman about not wanting me to lift anything.  All I had to do was supervise and pack.  And he's always been that way.  He even unloaded everything once we got to our new spot.

I have to tell you guys that moving is overwhelming. Just seeing all those boxes and storage containers that had to be unpacked made me a little dizzy.  I mean we had boxes in the living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms.  The living room was just a mess and we couldn't even sit in it the first day. It took me all night just to get the sofas cleared off.  And then it stormed for a while and I decided to call it a wrap.

Sunday was a little better in that we finally made some progress in getting most of the boxes unpacked.  Wow, Moo has a ton of clothes.  Everything from Faded Glory to Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klien.  Her clothes filled up the entire walk-in closet in her room!!  Talk about a wardrobe to die for.  I am really going to cut back on buying her clothes.  Not sure what to tell people to get her this year for her birthday or Christmas since she is not in need of toys or clothes anymore. 

Hmmm....maybe we can do shoes and books instead?  We did take a break from cleaning and putting once we got the Master Bedroom somewhat cleared and the bookshelf put together.  Unfortunately, the Time Warner Cable people did not come out like they were suppose to install our cable and internet.  I was certainly bummed and a little pissed off because I have important things to do like chatting with you guys and work.

I guess you could say that my weekend carried over into Monday starting with a nice trip to the beauty salon.   It felt good to have an hour of Me Time and get pampered.  My hair certainly thanking me for it too. I had been neglecting it since my last hair cut.  And speaking of hair cuts, I can't believe my hair has already grown back.  I thought it would have stayed short for a while, but I guess not.  I got it trimmed up a little bit so that it wouldn't be as long.  And i think that I have found a new hair stylist.

The young lady who styled my new do was amazing.  She was polite and friendly.  She kept me me talking but didn't get too personal.  And she is amazing at what she does.  As she told me, she's a creator when it comes to hair.  I am certainly looking forward to my appointment with her the end of the month.

I also, went to visit with my family on Monday.  My mom was not too pleased that I was moving and seemed even more distant towards me.  She wouldn't stay in the same room with me for more than five minutes.  I know that she does not agree with my moving to put my family back together, but this is my life and I have to live it.  I love Jay even after everything that we have been through.  I played just as big of a part in our relationship failure last year as he did.

But you forgive, heal and move forward.  I'm not like these other young couples who are giving up so easily today.  In the words of J.Lo "Stay together, it's the new trend."


  1. Wow!!! What a weekend, girl! Packing and moving is such a stressful process so I know what you mean. Thank goodness you had some help.

    As for moving to put your family back together, I totally understand where you're coming from. My son's father and I broke up a year and a half ago only to get back together last year so yea... totally get it. You ALWAYS have to give love a second chance, right? (If it's truly love). Plus, you want to make it work for your family (as did I) so we're >here< when it comes to that.

    It IS your life and whatever comes out of this move, know that you did it for your family... and no one else.

  2. @SweetAl-Thanks!!! I'm so glad that you can relate to my situation. I really like Jay and I are meant to be together and that we love each other. I'm glad that I'm learning to live my life for me again.