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Eat, Drink, Shop & Win

Well, as you all know I'm newly engaged and have already started planning.  Last Saturday we decided to enjoy a nice outing at the mall to look at tuxes and all that jazz.  While at Belk, one of the sales associates informed us that they would be hosting an in-store engagement party of all the newly engaged couples in the area.  Talked about excited.  I'm just getting engaged and already going to my first party and I didn't even have to plan it.

Well, let me just say that Jay and I had a blast at the party tonight!!  It was amazing.  We had music by DJ Sir Charles, food and drinks by my old college and shopping and tons of door prizes by my former employer.  Yes, I was a Belk girl when I was in college.  I made a lot of friends and connections working at that store and started to come in contact with NBA player, famous designers, singers and all other kind of A-list celebs.  Awesome job minus the snobby customer every once in a while.

It felt good to be able to mix and mingle, scan things for the registry (Jay had a ball with the scanning gun) and enjoy some really upscale eats.  Most of all it was just great seeing how involved Jay wanted to be with this whole wedding planning process.  Going in I was expecting him to be a little bit stand offish because he really didn't want to attend this event at first.  However, once we got there and he had his first glass of red wine (only his 2nd drink since we've been together) he loosened up.

And to make things better we won a stainless steel hand blender by Cuisinart!!!  It blends drinks (I love smoothies), cake mixes, soups and more.  That is just one thing we can go back and take of our gift registry.  I also got free hair clips from Carolee and a free ring cleaning from Belk's fine jewelry department.  It was awesome.

My favorite part was the all you could eat candy bar.  I have a very bad sweet tooth. LOL.  The candy bar had everything from Skittles to M&Ms and Jolly Ranchers.  Oh it was heaven on earth.  Jay and I have agreed that we will be having a candy bar at our wedding as well.  Also, we're going to be meeting with the dj to see if he can work some of his magic at our reception.  I mean he was amazing the way he kept all the songs flowing without having to pause and go into the next one.

It doesn't hurt to admit that he was super cute too.  He looked really nice but still urban in his button down and black slacks.  Not all djs rock graphic tees and saggy jeans.  And Belk also gifted us with some free cloth grocery bags.  You all know that I'm all about going Green and being good to the environment.  We recycle about 80% of our trash in this household.  And we got a wedding planner worth $30, a copy of Carolina Brides and a $25 gift card.

I couldn't have planned a more perfect engagement party if I tried.

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  1. Wow! The party sounds like it was absolutely fabulous! Live it up hun. I hear that one of the favorite parts of being engaged... all the celebrations that happens... FOR YOU!

  2. @SweetAl-Yes, I am certainly enjoying the celebrations so far! LOL. I'm already on the look out for other local events for brides-to-be.

  3. Visiting from the Blog Hops! I love your site. I can't wait to get to know you better. Stop by when you get the chance. I have a Meet Me Monday blog hop and I would love if you could join in. Hope to see you then!

  4. Ooooh, that engagement party sounds so fun!!! And how cool that you won prizes - lucky duck!

    Just added you to my Parenting blogroll (but let me know if you'd prefer to be under Lifestyle).

    Yakini @ThePrissyMommy

  5. @InspiringYouToSave- I'm glad that you stopped and love the site. I will be sure to visit on Monday for Meet Me Monday blog hop. Looking forward to getting to you know better as well.

    @Yakini- Just want to say that I love love your blog. Kudos to you for hanging on to your prissiness amongst all those boys. lol. And Parenting is fine since I talk about Moo in just about every post. Hope that Moo and I will see you and baby Bryce at Blogalicious.