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Wishful Wednesday

Haven't done Wishful Wednesday in a while, but it's back!!!  So, let's get started.  This Wednesday I on my Wish List I have:

  • Tickets to BlogHer: I really really want to go and have been trying to get tickets for months now.  I got invited to a Swag Suite, but I can't afford to waste money going to NY just to raid out some free goodies and turn back around.  Not to mention, I'm serious about my blogging and could really use the wealth of knowledge I would gain from attending this conference.
  • Sponsors: I think that having sponsors enables you to do more things with your blog and kind of takes you to the next level.  I'm interested in getting sponsors not only to try out their products or getting free invites, but because I want to establish some beneficial connections and partnerships within the business world.  I want to take YUMM to the next level.
  • End to the Oil Spill Crisis: So, now that the cap has been put on, there's some other kind of leak coming from that same pipe. My prayer is that God will just help them get that situation handled as soon as possible. People on both sides have had to suffer as well as our environment and the animals.
  • More Support for our President: There's been so much shade and negativity thrown towards Barack Obama these days.  I just want to say to all the haters, if you feel like you can do better why didn't you run for president?  This man can only do so much.  Did we forget that Congress was put in to place to make sure our country isn't a dictorship?  I'm sure there are a lot of laws and policies he would like to put into place, but Congress has to approve them first.  
          In stead of pointing the finger at the Obama, why not first ask yourself if you have done everything you can?  Have you tried contacting your local officials and representatives?  And are you just throwing out more negativity without any solutions? Seriously, running a country and trying to correct years of damage created by the previous presidential staff is not easy. Let's start showing Obama some love and helping him come up with ideas on how to decrease unemployment and get more companies to hire American workers.  Let's start doing things to help each other.


  1. Love your wishful wed list. SO glad that the cap has been put on. But what about all the oil that is still out there. The animals that are in danger. The businesses that have been affected. Its scary and sad. But we have to rebuild, we have to press on!

  2. That we do. I just wish could become more united like our name implies.