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My Weekend WrapUp

Well, good news everybody...Moo and I are moving!!!  I am so excited.  This weekend past, we went to check out our soon to be new digs.  It's a two bedroom duplex with one full bath, a living room and decent size kitchen.

There's hardwood throughout with linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom.  The master bedroom has two closets and a cute octagon shaped window.  In the backyard is an amazing deck.  I've already made plans to cookout and add some patio furniture as well as a few plants.  We have a clothing line which I will put to use in on hot days.

Plus, I try to be as Green as possible.  Another plus, we don't have to worry about landscaping.  The landlord handles all of that.  However, the down side is that beyond the backyard a pony.  He's cute as a button but not people friendly.  Therefore, there will be no petting the pony.

Another issue is that we will be the only Black family in the neighborhood.  The landlord has assured us that we will be welcomed warmly though.  I hope that he is right because I remember when we moved into an all white neighborhood when I was five.  We got all kinds of notes calling us 'niggers' and telling us 'our kind' wasn't welcomed.  My mom did the best she could to protect us from the racism.  We weren't allowed to play beyond the front yard for years. And most of our dogs ended up getting stolen. 

But I'm hoping that since we are going back to the city, we will be living amongst more open minded white people.  They all seemed pretty nice as they passed us by.  They didn't shoot us any nasty glares. Curious yes.  There is a great plus to living in an all white neighborhood here.  The crime rate is super low!!  It's so low in fact that they leave their doors unlocked.

Crime seems to be its highest in the Black and Hispanic neighborhoods here.  It's a shame, but true never the less.  So, I am looking forward to being able to sleep peacefully at night.

I'm really excited that I get to decorate and hang pictures.  It's a duplex, but I look at it as an upgrade from an apartment and certainly an upgrade from my current situation.  I'm one step closer to home ownership.  I've been researching and looking into some low income housing programs.  And I think that by next summer, I will be ready to make a down payment on my own place.

Besides checking out the duplex, I went to the mall with Moo, her daddy and step sister.  It felt great to be all together as a family.  Our year a part has helped us both to grow and mature.  We are co-parenting very well and communicating much better than before.  He's learning to give me space when I'm upset and I'm learning to be more sensitive to his feelings when dishing out criticism.

Sunday was another family bonding adventure.  We went to church.  And I'm happy to report that our new pastor is getting a little warmer.  I think that he's getting used to us and likewise we are getting used to him.  Following service, we had lunch at my uncle's church and on the way I busted my booty on that slick wet cement ramp. Talk about a pain the ass! LOL!  I'm still sore back there.

While waiting for Jay to arrive, we watched 'The Marriage Counselor,' an original screen play written, produced and directed by the great Tyler Perry.  That man is awesome. He is taking Black cinema to places it's never been.  And rumor has it that he is looking to take over TBS and turn it into the Tyler Perry Network.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can strike some kind of deal with them.  We need more Black networks out there will positive Black shows.  We're more than just thugs, criminals and baby mamas.

Anyways, I think that my mom is finally warming back up to Jay.  She actually accompanied us to Rockingham and we had a lovely family dinner afterward.  So, here's to miracles and God being able to heal wounds.  Looking forward to a wonderful week of packing.  Hope you guys had a great weekend as well.


  1. How exciting your moving into a duplex and so great you're already looking into homeownership. I'm 24 and am vaguely thinking about it, but want to wait until I'm out of school and in a career to consider that. Its inspiring to see you moving up, I know Moo will love it!!

  2. Thanks! Yes, I think that Moo will love it. I've already signed us up for some playgroups.