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Me Time Monday

I'm sure some of you read my Oh So Emotional post from last week.  Well, today I decided to take Kenya's advice and enjoy a little Me Time.  Kenya is the author of {{In My Own Words}}, an absolutely amazing and keep it real blog that I am falling in love with!!  I invite you guys to check it out. I'm having a blast reading some of her older posts.  Oh and she's the an author in real life. She wrote "This Too Shall Pass."  I'm in the process of ordering a copy to read.

I'm always down for supporting my fellow blogger friends.  But back to Kenya's advice, I took a little time to pamper myself today and it felt wonderful.  Right after I wrote about my hitting the wall with my current single/co-parenting situation, I called Moo's dad and told him that I needed him to be more active in her life other than what was outlined in our court ordered visitation agreement and he agreed that he would start picking her up to free my afternoons on his days off.  Well, today I was trying to iron some clothes and what not but as usual I couldn't because Moo made up her mind that she wanted Mommy to hold her for almost an hour.

I was just about to get frustrated, but I took a deep breath and told myself that ironing could wait.  And since school is out, I don't have to hire a sitter. My baby sister babysat for free while I got my hair relaxed, cut and curled.  I feel like a new woman!!!  Let me first say, I had been going natural for over two years until about 6 months ago when I tried to put a relaxer in my hair.  Guess what, it didn't take. 

I have super curly hair that I prefer straight and it has a mind of it's own at times.  Now, I know that some girls say they would kill to have the hair that I have, but quite seriously I was tired of firing up the hot comb and the fishing out the pressing grease.  Not to mention, I still haven't found a product that will tame my frizz when it's wet or humid out. And as an up and coming business woman bad hair days have to be a thing of the past.

I came home refreshed and relaxed. I was so relaxed that I didn't even get upset when Moo stole my Ranch burger only to play with it and throw it on the floor.  I didn't yell when she smashed cheese puffs all in her play pin. I'm learning on this journey of motherhood to pick my battles and to use the help that God sends me even if it's not the person I want it to be.

Yes, it would have been nice if her father hadn't bailed out saying he was going to work overtime to pay for some new apartment he wants to move into.  However, I know that she was in good hands with my sister and had blast running around at my aunt's house.  New pics coming soon. Good night out there.


  1. Yay!!!! So happy you took some me time for you! Make it your business to do that regularly. You deserve it! Don't order the book yet. I'm rereleasing it in August and the 2nd edition will be so much better. Unless of course you want the first edition, lol. Thanks for the shoutout! *hugs*

  2. Yes, I will be taking some me time on a regular basis now. I feel so much better. I'll probably get both editions. And thank you for the shout out on FB!!

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  4. No problem!!! Thanks for your support as well!

  5. Me time is just fascinating isnt it?! I still dont know what it is and what to do with myself. But on the hair note..i too feel like a new woman when I get my hair done, it really can lift my spirits! That and freshly groomed eyebrows! lol, anyhoot..i can also relate to wishing the co-parent would step in more, its a battle I fight and fight and am slowly learning to accept his place in our lives. I'll always want more from him, but its because I know hes a great person and great dad and with a little organization and planning he could be phenomonal...but oh thats me again, trying to change him. I just accept our situation for what it is and try not to be a nag and push him away.
    Yay for me time, and I really hope you get to enjoy more of it.

  6. @Templates Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad that you find my blog interesting.

    @Mommy Glow Yes, me time is fascinating. And your wanting your daughter's father to reach his full parental potential is not being nagging or trying to change him. It's helping him to create a stronger bond that will be beneficial to her in the years to come. I used to think that I was being a nag when I put my two cents in on how Moo's father did things, but it hit me that I'm the one who spends the most time with her. Therefore, I know her better and what works and what doesn't work.

    I just try to phrase it in a way that doesn't sound accusing and keep it moving from there. I hope you find out what your me time activity is going to be and that will get lots of it as well.