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I'm Going Places

I would like to thank Ms Baby Plan for giving YUMMommy the You're Going Places Award!
She writes a very touching blog documenting her journey to becoming a mother called The Baby Plan.  I was introduced to her blog by Future Mama's blog.  And I have to say that she is so open and honest with her readers.  Her posts don't come off forced or phony, but intimate and sincere.

I really appreciate the fact that she thought of my blog to pass this award to.  I am deeply honored and gladly accept it.  This is my Second award for YUMMommy!!! Part of accepting this award requires that I tell you guys where I hope/plan/want/will be ten years from now.  So without further ado....

In ten years, I see myself as an established, multi-award winning, best selling author.  I will be the mom of a very busy 11.5 year old. (Moo is 1.5 now.)  And I'm sure you guys will be laughing uncontrollably about all of my adventures with her preteen issues that are guaranteed to follow.  I hope to be happily married.  Still on the fence about baby number 2.  However, I'm sure we'll have a cute little Yorkie with nice exotic name.

I want to be more involved with the community and see myself sponsoring charity balls, volunteering and mentoring other young women.  I see Young Urban Modern Mommies as a global foundation that will not only serve as an outreach to American moms, but those in under developed countries as well.  I see my fashion and jewelry line being a huge success.  I see my family and I living in our dream home.

Most importantly, I see myself stronger and more rooted in my relationship with God.  I hope that in ten years I will have met a few of you in person and created wonderful friendships where we send each other Christmas cards and dinner party invitations.

Now, I would like to pass this award to a few special blogs and people that I have had the pleasure of reading and connecting with.  I truly think that these people are going places to say the least.

Kenya Mack: She is certainly going places.  She's a published author who has mad skills.
She is also a soon to be 1st time mommy!!  I hope to meet her in person one day because
we have had a blast connecting through our blogs and via Facebook.

Mommy Glow:  What can I say? Alex is an amazing young mom who shares about her 
experience of having been a teen mom, not having a stable support system and co-parenting among other things.  This is a must read blog for other young moms out there.  I'm certainly looking forward to meeting her and bonding in person.

The Soul Mom:  Another wonderful blog, I've had the pleasure of stumbling across.  She certainly has soul and passion!!  I even used one of her quotes as my Quote of the Day.  (Check out the top box in the left sidebar.)

The Savvy Sista:  I enjoy reading this blog throughout the day because I get my fix about what's going on in the Black community.  I mean she blogs about everything from entertainment to real life news and more.

Haute Travels:  This is the Vogue of travel blogs!!!  Never has traveling been made so appealing.  I truly recommend this blog to all fashionistas and travel lovers out there.  I was actually inspired by Haute Travels to start doing a little bit more traveling of my own. The world is this big canvas waiting for me to make my brush stroke.

Baby Makin{g} Machine:  I can't really remember how I stumbled across this blog, but it was the very 1st blog I subscribed to on here!!!  I mean from the first post I read, I was hooked.  I admired the fact that Future Mama put so much of herself out there for readers to get to know.  She is much more than a blog/Twitter/Facebook personality.  She is an amazing person.  And I'm glad that I've gotten the opportunity to bond with her through her blog and Facebook as well as Twitter.  I truly hope to meet her in person.  I see so much of myself in her that it's crazy.

In closing, I hope that all of you check out the blogs I mentioned. I think that you will find that these ladies each have a story to tell.  And while they might be similar, they are oh so unique and inspiring.


  1. Hi YUMMommy!!! Thanks for the mention and definitely thank you for checking out my website.

    The Savvy Sista

  2. hw did i miss this?!!! thank you again for all your support. you are an amazing woman and i have enjoyed getting to know you.

  3. @TheSavvySista-Love, love your website. Really enjoy that you post throughout the day. I'm learning a lot about the world outside of my small town.

    @Mommy Glow-You're welcome and thank you for your support as well.