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Ebay, a Baptism & a Logo

So, a few weeks ago I ordered a new charger for my Palm Treo 800.  Yes, I know that there are newer phones out, but I love my treo and can't seem to part with it.  Anyways, I ordered it from this guy on Ebay. I checked his ratings of course before I placed my bid and they seemed pretty decent. He wasn't huge seller on Ebay, but his feedback as a buyer was great.  So, I placed my bid with hopes of having a new charger to get my treo back up and running.

Well, the product was suppose to ship from NY.  I'm pretty familiar with mailing things up state. My BFF lives in Philly and I send her stuff all the time. And the longest it's ever taken her to get a package from me was three days.  So, after three days of waiting for my package to arrive, I got worried and checked the status of my order. Of course, I was disappointed when I found out it hadn't been shipped.  Now, patience is not really my strong point.  Therefore, I wait two more days and then I contact the seller.

He says that my item was shipped via United States Postal Service, but he didn't purchase tracking.  Okay, I feel a red flag go off in my mind. Who doesn't purchase tracking when mailing an electronic device?  So, I give him the benefit of doubt. I've purchased stuff from Ebay before with no problems.  Well, a week goes by and no charger. Then a few more days go by and still no charger. At this point, I'm a little pissed.

First of all he mailed my item late.  I feel like I paid on time. Therefore, I want my merchandise on time.  So, I decided to contact Ebay.  They offer Ebay Protection to their buyers now.  They send the seller a note that I haven't received my item. Do you know this nut case has the audacity to come at me crazy talking about how I was probably trying to rip him off and that it takes two weeks for mail to get from NY to SC.  Like really. I had to check him. I was going to keep it professional, but to insult my intelligence and talk down to me like he knew me I couldn't stand for.

So, we engage in a two day battle of words. Finally, he realizes that he can't play me and refunds me my money.  I decided to thank him by leaving a negative feedback rating on his profile. I mean times are hard and I can't afford to be getting ripped off online. I need money just like he does. Hello????? Single mom here.

Anyways, I'm glad that I've moved on from dwelling on that drama because I have finally set a date for Moo's baptism!!!  I know I waited a long time, but hey better later than never right?  I'm super excited because my faith is very important to me. I would describe my relationship with God as an awesome one.  He is certainly guiding me through some things and has always had my back.

So, it was never a question of if I was going to dedicate her to Him, but when.  And the timing seems perfect. Her father and I are in a good place. My family is coming around to forgiving him for walking out on us. Well, some of them are and some of them still wish he would just fall off a cliff.  And being the planner that I am, I want to go all out for this event. I mean I got invitations, I did a gift registry and am designing a program.

This is a very important milestone in her life and I want it to be grand.  Moo is by far the most spoiled and pampered one year old I've ever met.  I don't know where I'd be without her in my life. She has made me a better person and caused me to rethink certain aspects of my life.  So, much of who I am right now is because of that little girl.  I love her to pieces.  And even though this menu and decoration choices are driving me nuts, she's worth it.

And finally, I got word that YUMM might be getting a new logo!!  I'm super excited about that as well. A few months ago, I asked one of my very talented friends to create one and she had her hands full with work, being a single mom to a very charming young boy with medical needs and school to name a few.  Well, I got a message from her the other day and she is making progress on it. She hadn't forgotten and with school out, she started sketching and is bringing something to life for me.  Can't wait to see the finished product.

Good night out there.


  1. Lord knows I've had my share of drama via the internet the last few days. I just don't understand why some people just can't be honest and do what is reasonably asked of them. Beats me. Congratulations on baby girl being dedicated! :) That is truly a blessing and she has a GREAT mother! Can't wait to see pics and all! Congrats on the logo too! I do graphic design, but I can't draw to save my life, lol. I'd probably be better if I could. Ha ha ha.

    I'm glad you've expelled that negative energy that guy was sending your way. Kudos on the negative feedback. He deserves to be exposed.

  2. At one time, (before the collapse of the economy- LOL), I was an avid Ebay shopper. So I totally feel your pain. Your best bet was to give him negative feedback. It's unfortunate he had to respond the way he did. Thankfully you got your money back.
    Great news re: the baby dedication and the new logo! Can't wait to see it!

  3. @Kenya- Thanks. I will be posting pics. A blogger, author and graphic designer. I see you are quite talented.

    @Justice Jonesie- Yes, I am glad that I got my money back. I think that I'm going to hold off on making any more Ebay purchases for a while tho. LOL. Will be posting a new pic of the logo as soon as it's finished.