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Random Ramblings: Irresponsible Screwing

I know it's late, but I've been pretty busy today.  I don't know if I would say that I was very productive though. LOL.  Anyways, I was going to write a post earlier in the afternoon when I got home, but I was too upset and needed to calm down.  When I'm upset about something serious I can be very cut throat with my words.

So, I was riding with my mommy who informed me that my aunt in law needed some clothes for a little girl about my niece's size.  In my mind I 'm trying to figure out why she would need them because her kids are grown.  My mom informs me that DSS had to arrange an emergency foster care move for three kids-one girl and two boys.  These kids are all under the age of nine and had to snatched from the comforts of their home due a danger to their livelihood.  And I've heard about kids in foster care and what not.

But for the life of me, I couldn't understand why the more I thought about those kids being uprooted from their home the more upset and frustrated I became.  I mean I was livid by the time I had reached my niece's school to pick her up.  Sitting in the car riders' lane all I could think of was how I would love to get a hold of those kids' parents and choke the shit out of them. Seriously, that is the exact thought that ran through my mind.

My opinion is this: when you screw irresponsibly chances are you might get pregnant or worse an STD.  So, why do some many women and men play Russian Roulette when it comes to sex?  I mean seriously, is sex that important or are you that desperate that you can't remember to use protection or get on birth control. I'm all for everybody getting their rocks off or whatever you want to call it. I'm a single mom, so I've had some great sex in my twenty something years old on this Earth.

However, what I wouldn't do was put myself in the position of becoming a parent when I know full well that I have not intentions of living up to the duties that come along with it.  When I started having unprotected sex with my daughter's father, I knew I was bound to get pregnant sooner or later. But I had also made up in my mind that I was ready to assume the duties of caring for and molding a life if and when it happened. I just can't for the life of me understand why these kids' have to be put through such nonsense.

My advice to all the women and men out there sleeping around with people they have no intentions of being with exclusively or even seeing them after your ten minutes of fun is to get snipped!!!  Yes, I wrote it. Get snipped.  I'm not going to put the blame on the women. It takes two to roll in the hay.

Ladies get your tubes tied or have the ovaries completely removed. Men get that vasectomy.  That way you can still sleep around as much as possible but you won't be hurting innocent children who didn't ask to be here.  My heart goes out to those kids for what they have to go through.  The emotional scars that they will carry throughout their lives is way more painful than the abuse and neglect they suffered.

Their whole outlooks on life and relationships and parenting and love has been tainted.  And for what?  Because their mom feels like she got the bad end of the stick.  It's just not fair.  America we have to change.  We can't keep raising a generation of emotionally damaged kids and expect to improve violence in our homes, schools and neighborhoods. These kids are crying out, but I feel like nobody is hearing them.


  1. So I read this last night when I was up finishing my homework, and I really didn't know what to say to this post. It's pretty clear your upset. In my eyes there is no reason why you should ever have your children taken from you for complete strangers to raise and screw up. But there are plenty of women and men, no no, girls and boys who dont think about the consequences of their actions by having unprotected sex. Though I have to include here that even on birth control or using condoms, a pregnancy can happen. It's sad to me when I see a pregnant women smoking cigarettes or weed or drinking alcohol. It's sad to me when I see 'moms' spending more time out running the streets than playing at the park with their child. Its sad and its scary and its horrifying, but thats how some people choose to live thier lives. Should we try to understand or simply categorize them as No Good Sons of B****** Who Should NOT Be Parents??

  2. You're right those people who call themselves men and women but don't live u to their responsibility are really still little girls and boys doing grown up things. I'm a firm believer that age does not make you an adult except for when it comes to be prosecuted by the law. I just wish that we really stopped thinking that we can't go without sex and started thinking more about if I waited until I'm in a stable relationship and ready to deal with the fact that an innocent life maybe created, we wouldn't have as many angry kids running around her now. I think that because I'm a mother and also have seen within my own family parents throw their children away, this upset me even more.

    And I don't try to understand the reasoning behind why some people refuse to live up to a responsibility they willingly created. Because in my eyes there is no reason for throwing away a healthy childhood. Kids are the future and if we keep treating them bad and not being parents then we're not going to have much of a future. It's time to wake up and become more responsible people.

    Take the needed steps to at least try to prevent situations like this from happening. And if your prevention fails then give the child up for adoption before you screw them up and get your tubes tied and then take that as a learned lesson. Not as a green light to go ahead with your foolery.