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Love at 1st Sight

So, I went with my mom and niece to the doctor earlier today-Moo in tow of course.  And it was here that I was first introduced to the wonderful and very useful Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine.  Well, while waiting for my niece and Mom to resurface from the back, I fell in love.  And not it was not with some hot dad in the waiting room because there were none and have never been any.  It was the Maclaren Techno XT stroller.

Yes, you read right.  I fell in love with a stroller!!!  This is not just any stroller.  It's like heaven in a lite weight stroller.

My Moo has reached the age where a full travel system stroller is not a day to day necessity or all that feasible to carry around in the trunk.  Especially considering the fact that we are a family that likes to haul a lot of junk in our trunk. You could say that I am in the market for a new set of wheels for Moo.  And being the writer-creative type, I'm always carrying a load of stuff-notebooks, reading books, magazines, cell phones ( I have more than one), cups, more books.  Therefore, I need a stroller that while lite weight and compact is still sturdy enough and roomy enough to store my items.  After all you never know when a good idea will hit you.

And when I saw that Techno XT, I knew it would be the perfect stroller for Moo and I.  I mean it has handlebars that are adjustable!!  Do you know how wonderful that is for a person is slightly on the taller side of things?  I've tried other compact strollers and hated being stooped over like a hunchback.  I'm too young to be developing a bad back.

Moo is also an avid on the go eater.  Therefore, her heavy stroller has taken a lot of spills and smears. But since it doesn't have a removable seat like the Techno XT, I've had to hose it down outside and hit with the hair dryer to clean it.  I can imagine Moo being well protected from the sun under its wide top canopy. The best feature by far of the Techno XT is that if fully reclines.  This would come in handy on those days when she falls asleep after a long walk in the park.

But unfortunately my dream bubble was burst when I saw the $289 price tag.  I'm a single mommy on a budget.  One that can't afford a $289 stroller no matter how fantastic and amazing it is.  So, I guess I'll have to settle for just posting it on my cork board to gaze upon every morning and evening in hopes that maybe one day we will meet in person.


  1. i have a maclaren and love it. i never had a travel system and used this from 4+ months. you'll love this stroller!

  2. Yea, I visited their site and got a stroller high. LOL. Oh I never saw such works of art. Like a Bentley for babies.