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Family Night In The City

Happy Monday!  This weekend the kids and I joined my mom, baby sister, and niece for a family night in the city.  After an emotionally draining couple of days, this was just what we all needed.  Here's a recap of what we did.

Friday Five Recently | Week 3

Happy Friday and hello November!  Am I the only one kind of happy 2018 is coming to a close?  This year has been rocky at best for me and my family.  I'm looking forward and hoping 2019 will be a better year all around.


Anyways, since it's been a while since I've blogged, a catchup session is in order.  I've missed y'all dearly.  Hopefully, you've missed my face (and words) around these parts as well. 

How To Protect Your Family's Immune Systems During Cold & Flu Season

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It's officially my favorite season of the year- Autumn!  Unfortunately with the start of my favorite season also comes the start of my least favorite time of the year- cold and flu season.  In the past, cold and flu season has always been brutal for us.  Remember that one year we ended up in the hospital because JJ caught the flu twice and it turned into pneumonia?  This year we're protecting our immune systems and getting them in tiptop shape with the help of our new secret weapon- Sambucol Black Elderberry Gummies- and a few simple but effective steps.

Friday Five Recently | Week 2

Hello August!  How is it time for school to start back already?  We still have another week before we start back with our virtual homeschool.  However, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day and saw that some of my friends' kids started back last week and earlier this week.

Since I'm still recovering from July (more on that below), I'm so thankful that I have another seven days to rest up.  Here's to hoping I finish getting everything organized next week.  Anyways, since I've been on a hiatus let's play catch up! 

Friday Five Recently | Week 1

Happy Friday!  Who's ready for the weekend?  Or does every day feel like the weekend since it's Summer Break? 🤔

I'm still trying to figure this one out.  Anyways, I feel like this week was long, but not in a bad way.  With the first month of Summer Break coming to a close, I'm not complaining about time passing by slowly.  There is NO rush to start back up with school just yet.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Activity Pages + Advance Screening Giveaway

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Who's ready for a vacation?  A monster summer vacation that is.  Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is sailing into movie theaters Friday, July 13th!  Yes, Drac and the crew are back for another awesome and fun adventure.

Chasing Grace

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My sophomore year of high school I made the decision to join the track team.  My depression was starting to consume me and some of my teachers had started expressing concern over how withdrawn I seemed.  I'll never forget the day one of my teachers asked me to stay for a few minutes after class.  "I'm worried about you.  Is everything okay at home?" she asked.  "Somethings's going on with you like you're always sad."