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Falling Into Autumn With prAna

prAna Kara Jeans

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Somebody call up the press!  Fall weather has officially made it to the Carolinas!  This is huge because October 2016 had us still in shorts and t-shirts.  In case you're new around here, autumn is one of my two favorite seasons of the year because I get to pull out my favorite wardrobe pieces.  This past April, prAna and I showed you all how to mom in comfort and style, well today we're showing you how to keep your fall style cozy, simple but still stylish.

Recently | Summer Wrap Up

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Hello, Autumn and so long summer!  I still can't believe that our summer break is already over.  We're already into the flow of homeschooling and everything is going well.  I'll be posting more about that later as well as uploading some video to the YUMMommy YouTube channel.  What I will say for now is that kids are actually excited about this school year.  

And surprisingly I enjoyed my summer break from the blog.  It gave me chance to finish getting us settled and unpacked into our new place, explore a little bit and just have uninterrupted family time.  But I missed you guys and am happy to be back in the saddle and sharing things here again.  So it's only right that I bring you guys up to speed about some of the stuff we did over summer break, right?

Thankful Thursday | A Weekly List of Gratitude

Another week, another tragedy.  It's getting harder and harder to maintain a positive attitude/mindset.  There's no denying that this year started off beyond rocky thanks to last year's election results.  Somehow I hoped that by the end of the year, things would be at least looking up a little bit.  So much for wishful thinking.  And watching the news has left me feeling slightly depressed.

A Day In The City With Simply Great Coffee

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Coffee.  I've been a coffee drinker and lover since I was a kid. (Thanks, Mom!)  Where some moms destress with a glass or two of wine, I prefer to start and unwind my day with a deliciously warm cup of great tasting coffee.  Honestly, when people ask me what's one thing I miss about living in Charlotte, great coffee is at the top of my list.

Thankful Thursday | A Weekly List of Gratitude

Can we talk about what a collectively rough and crappy week this has been?  From the earthquake in Mexico to the toddler getting hit in the face by a foul ball at that baseball game to several of my friends having deaths in their families.  It just seems like there was no shortage of bad news anywhere.  And to top things off, I have been feeling so blue lately.  Trust me when I say random bouts of depression suck!

If I could ask you guys for one favor this week, it would be to pray and/or send out positive vibes into the universe.  The world as a whole could use a more positive week next week.  I feel like our hope is dwindling a bit.  Let's combat all this negativity and sadness with some positive energy, love, and outpourings of support and compassion!

What I'm Thankful For This Week

Safety |  Hurricane Irma came and went.  Thankfully by the time she reached our area, she had been downgraded to a tropical storm.  While some businesses and neighbors in our area experienced some storm-related damages and power outages, we emerged with just a yard of debris of the loose twigs and fallen leaves variety. 

For a while, I did worry that one of our neighbor's pine tree was going to fall.  That tree was flapping and swaying in the wind almost as bad as one those inflatable dancing men thingies.  Thankfully, it held on for dear life and is still standing.

IKEA |  I was in the Queen City this week and of course, I couldn't pass up the chance to stop by one of my favorite stores - IKEA!  It was just the place I needed to visit to help with inspiration for Moo's room and the kids' bathroom.  Moo's current room isn't very big and her bed eats up most her floor space.

Being in IKEA and seeing all the room setups helped us to come up with a room layout that will up open up her floor space drastically.  This means that she can finally get the desk she's been eyeing.  Also, I got to get an in-person look at what our future kitchen cabinets will look like.  Y'all, I'm so excited!!

Snuggles + Kind Words |  I think the kids picked up on the dip in my mood this week because they've been doing an extra great job of giving me more hugs, snuggles and words of love.  I don't think they fully grasp how much these things mean to me, but I hope they will in the future.  Now if only we can make it to the end of this bickering stage they seem to be stuck in.

Fall |  Can you guys believe the first day of Fall starts tomorrow?!!  😍😍🍂  I'm so excited and thankfully because it's one of my two favorite seasons of the year.   The temps have already started to drop and the bugs have already started to go into hiding (or whatever it is that they do).  I can't wait to squeeze in more grilling time and time out in the yard now that the sun isn't blazing.

I hope everyone has a great first day of Fall tomorrow!  Don't forget to put our positive vibes and show some kindness!

What are you grateful for this week?  Let me know in the comments below. 

I Just Kept Spinning Book Review

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Are you talking to your children about discrimination?  If not, you probably should be.  Chances are your child has already faced discrimination either from a peer or an adult that they come into contact with on a regular basis.  It's crazy, right?!  This week Moo and I revisited our discussion on discrimination when we read I Just Kept Spinning by debut children's book author Destini Bridges. 

Thankful Thursday | A Weekly List of Gratitude

Happy Thankful Thursday Y'all!!  We're in the process of hunkering down as we wait for Hurricane Irma to hit.  The weather reports for our area have been all over the place since there are conflicting reports on the path that she will end up taking.  Either way, I think that we can anticipate some strong winds and heavier than usual rain.  We're a few hours inland and I'm staying optimistic that we won't have any flooding and praying that we don't get any spin-off twisters either.